Gangwon FC loses 0-1 to Ulsan, the ‘nemesis’… 25 consecutive draws against Ulsan


Gangwon FC collapsed again against the ‘nemesis’ Ulsan Hyundai.

Gangwon, led by coach Choi Yong-soo, lost 0-1 to Ulsan Hyundai in the 12th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Munsu World Cup Stadium in Ulsan at 7:00 pm on the 9th. With this, Gangwon suffered 7 consecutive losses against Ulsan and at the same time continued their winless record against Ulsan to 25 games (4 draws and 21 losses).

On this day, Gangwon came out with a 3-4-3 formation. Goalkeeper Yoo Sang-hoon started the league after 5 games, and the three-top team consisted of Yang Hyeon-jun, Park Sang-hyuk and Hwang Moon-ki. Jung Seung-yong and Lim Chang-woo were deployed as left and right wingbacks, while Seo Min-woo and Han Young-young were placed in the midfield. Three Back was formed by Yoon Seok-young, Kim Young-bin, and Lee Woong-hee.

Leading Ulsan against this started a 4-2-3-1 formation. Joo Min-kyu stood at the top, and Hwang Jae-hwan, Rubikson, and Eom Won-sang supported in the second line. Lee Kyu-sung and Park Yong-woo formed a double volcanic formation, and the back four was Lee Myung-jae, Kim Young-kwon, Kim Ki-hee, Kim Tae-hwan, and the goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo.

In the 11th minute of the first half, Lee Gyu-seong opened fire with a left-footed mid-range shot. In the 18th minute of the first half, Gangwon responded with a right-footed shot after Yang Hyun-jun tried to break through. In the 26th minute of the first half, Ulsan removed Hwang Jae-hwan and put Bako in. In the 43rd minute of the first half, a corner kick situation in Ulsan caused a hassle in front of the gate, and Park Yong-woo attempted a shot, but it missed the goal. In the ensuing corner kick, Rubiksson attempted a header, but it flew over the post. The first half ended 0-0. In the first half, Ulsan dominated with 77% of the possession, but the number of shots 토스카지노was equal with Ulsan with 4 and Gangwon with 3.

With the start of the second half, Ulsan replaced Rubik’s hand with Lee Cheong-yong, while Gangwon replaced Park Sang-hyuk with Gallego. Gangwon, who endured well in the first half, faced a crisis from the beginning of the second half. In the 4th minute of the second half, Kim Tae-hwan’s cross hit Yoon Seok-young’s arm, resulting in a penalty kick. Joo Min-kyu succeeded in this, and Ulsan began to take the lead.

Gangwon, who gave up a run, immediately put Kim Dae-won in place of Hwang Moon-ki. In the 13th minute of the second half, Gallego’s left-footed mid-range shot went wide of the goal. Gangwon launched a counterattack in the 16th minute of the second half, and Gallego put up a threatening cross toward Kim Dae-won, but unfortunately it did not fit Kim Dae-won’s feet properly. In the 19th minute of the second half, Han Kook-young cut the ball from a high position, broke through into the box and raised a cross, but the ball hit the Ulsan defense and went out.

In the 22nd minute of the second half, Gallego attempted a mid-range shot with his left foot, but it was in front of the goalkeeper. In the 28th minute of the second half, Eom Won-sang attempted a shot, but it missed the right side of the goal. In the 29th minute of the second half, Ulsan removed Joo Min-gyu and Um Won-sang and replaced Martin Adam and Cho Hyun-taek. Kangwon replaced Minwoo Seo with Alibayev.

In the 31st minute of the second half, Lee Kyu-seong sent a pass from the right flank to Bako, who was in front of the arc, and Bako took a 2-1 pass with Martin Adam, then attempted a shot, but it went over the goal. In the 39th minute of the second half, Ulsan replaced Lee Gyu-seong with Kim Min-hyeok.

In the 43rd minute of the second half, Cho Hyeon-taek faced a perfect situation without a defender in front of the arc, but his shot went wide. Gangwon sent in striker Cho Jin-hyeok and aimed for an equalizer until the end. Five minutes of additional time were given in the second half. In the 2nd minute of extra time in the second half, Bakko caught the ball inside the box and attempted a shot, but goalkeeper Yoo Sang-hoon blocked it well. They had to drive for an equalizer, but Gangwon couldn’t even take the ball away from Ulsan. In the end, the match ended with Ulsan winning 1-0.

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