Glover hated ‘Glove’… How was it designed for bare-handed swinging?


Gloves are one of the essentials for golfers. If you don’t wear gloves, the club can slip from your hands due to sweat, so both professionals and amateurs prepare unconditionally. Tiger Woods (48, USA), the ‘Emperor of Golf’, molded his hand with a plaster to wear a glove that fits his hand, and then made a customized glove.

However, there is a golfer who has conquered the world’s largest golf stage, the PGA Tour, without gloves. The main character is Lucas Glover (44, USA), who won the championship for two consecutive weeks from the Wyndham Championship to the FedEx St. Jude Championship.

Glover said, “I’ve never been comfortable playing with gloves on,” and said, “It’s worth playing (without gloves) unless it’s a hot day.” Glover’s old swing coach, fearing calluses would develop on his pupil’s hands, offered him gloves with cut off parts of his fingers, but Glover refused.

The final round of the FedEx St. Jude Championship showed how much Glover hates his gloves. The temperature at the venue soared to 43 degrees Celsius, and even standing still made him sweaty, but Glover refused to wear gloves. Instead, he dipped his hand in cold water from time to time to keep his pole from slipping. He put his hand in the ice box next to the teeing area ahead of his tee shot and then repeated subtraction.

Glover explained, “If you put your hand in ice water for a long time, the sweat glands in your palm will close for 10 to 15 minutes.”

Contrary to Glover, there are players who absolutely hate taking off their gloves. Most players take off their gloves when putting to use their sensitive fingertips, but Jack Nicklaus (83, USA), who holds the record for the most wins (18 wins) in major tournaments, was an exception. He didn’t take off his gloves to get a tight grip on the putter. Professional female players Lexi Thompson (28, USA) and Peng Shanshan (34, China) also wear gloves when putting for the same reason as Nicklaus. Not now, but Kim Joo-hyung (21) was once like that.토토사이트

There were also players who went one step further and walked the field with gloves on both hands. At the 2012 PGA Tour McGladry Classic, Tommy Gainey (48, USA) won the championship with his gloves on both hands and was in the spotlight. He wore gloves on both hands not only when putting but also when shooting. He, who learned golf by himself, said, “I played baseball as a child and switched to golf, but I couldn’t break the habit of wearing gloves on both hands.”

Regardless of whether they are ‘armored’ or ‘non-armored’, after a shot, they all take off their gloves and move. This is because if you do not take off your gloves in hot weather, your hands and gloves do not adhere closely due to sweat, and you lose grip.

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