‘Goalkeeper’ Ronaldo also makes hat tricks dance. 62nd overall


▲ Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Damak ▲ Cristiano Ronaldo led
Al Nasr with a 3-0 win
▲ Ronaldo scored 8 goals in 5 matches after entering the Saudi Pro League

Well done.”

Achieving a hat-trick is unusual for Cristiano Ronaldo, the goalkeeper.

Ronaldo scored his second hat-trick since joining Al Nasr. It was Ronaldo’s 62nd hat-trick in his professional career. It is 52nd by club standards. Thanks to a Ronaldo hat-trick, Al Nasr also continued their upward trend with a 3-0 win over Damak FC. With 13 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss, Al Nasr is leading the table with two points ahead of second-placed Al Ittihad.

The first goal was a penalty kick. In the 19th minute of the first half, he acted as a penalty kicker and opened the door with a powerful right-footed shot. Special heavy rain ceremony as a bonus.

In the 23rd minute of the first half, he scored an extra goal with his left foot. He shook the opponent’s net with a quick shot in half a beat following a single touch. He completed a hat-trick in the 44th minute of the first half. He made it 3-0 by pushing lightly with his right foot in the pre-game situation. In the momentary counterattack situation, Ronaldo’s quick positioning stood out.

With his hat-trick achievement, Ronaldo congratulated himself on his social media account, saying, ‘It was a special night’.

It was Ronaldo’s 827th professional goal and 62nd hat-trick in his career. It is the second hat-trick record since advancing to Saudi Arabia.

Previously, Ronaldo scored 10 hat-tricks as a member of the Portugal national team. His most recent hat-trick as part of the national team was against Luxembourg in October 2021. In the World Cup, he scored a hat-trick against Spain at the World Cup in Russia.

Even with Manchester United, Ronaldo scored three hat-tricks. Last season Ronaldo scored hat-tricks against Tottenham and Norwich. He is remembered for scoring a hat-trick against Newcastle United in the 2007/08 season.토토사이트

Ronaldo has scored the most hat-tricks with Real Madrid. Known as the goalkeeper, Ronaldo scored 44 hat-tricks with Real Madrid. His first hat-trick came against Mallorca in 2009/10, and his last hat-trick for Real came against Girona in La Liga in 2017/18.

While with Juventus in Italy’s Serie A, Ronaldo scored three hat-tricks.

# Ronaldo hat-trick record
62 hat-tricks -> Manchester United (3 times) / Real Madrid (44 times) / Juventus (3 times) / Al Nasr (2 times) / Portugal (10 times) Photo = Getty

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