Golf membership market “Increasingly differentiated market”


As the fall season approaches, differentiation by sport is intensifying in the golf membership market. Ultra-high-priced stocks with accumulated corporate purchase orders continue to be strong due to the disappearance of sales.

According to the Dong-A Membership Exchange on the 16th, the average price of 100 major memberships traded nationwide is 248.21 million won. Compared to last week, it rose 0.05%. By price range, the ultra-high-priced range rose 0.11% and the high-priced range rose 0.12%. On the other hand, the mid-priced range fell by 0.12%, and the low-priced range remained unchanged. Dong-A Membership Exchange analyzed, “Yongin area, which has a high trading volume, is also showing differentiated market conditions for each item,” and added, “Trading volume will gradually recover as sales inquiries are slowly increasing.”안전놀이터

The average price in the central region was 281.2 million won, up 0.10% from last week. 88 fell 1.72% due to the appearance of items for sale and a wait-and-see attitude to buying. East Valley rose 0.51% with only high-priced listings confirmed. Namchon is also taking a strong stance due to the disappearance of properties for sale after the recent transaction. Shinwon rose 0.59%, Pristine Valley 1.59%, Hanyang 1.11%, Lakewood 2.56%, and Woojung Hills rose 1.16%. Team leader Park Cheon-ju predicted, “Inquiries about trading in the fall season are increasing. Trading volume will increase as differentiated markets for each stock continue.”

The average market price in the southern region is 162.82 million won. Compared to last week, it fell 0.17%. There was no significant price change for low-priced memberships. Dongrae Benest fell 1.14% as purchase inquiries decreased. Busan fell 1.32%, Seonsan 1.87%, and Opel fell 0.82%. Look, there is a fierce battle between sellers and buyers in Bayside. Jeongsan and Goseong Nobel are experiencing a shortage of items for sale. Team leader Lee Yoon-hee predicted, “Inquiries about sales are increasing in the southern membership market as the fall season approaches. We will continue to differentiate each product.”

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