Griezmann this time… Modric-KDB-Pedri-Bruno Morocco’s challenge


Silenced the best midfielders in the world one after another. The next target is Antoine Griezmann, who is showing off his peak skills in this tournament.

Morocco will face France in the semi-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which will be held at Al Bait Stadium in Alcor, Qatar, at 4:00 am (Korean time) on the 15th. Morocco beat Portugal in the quarterfinals, France defeated England to advance to the semifinals.

Another four-legged myth has been completed. Morocco won 1-0 against Portugal in the quarterfinals on the 11th through a unique salty defense and sharp counterattack. With this, Morocco showed its potential to reach the semifinals for the first time in 20 years since Korea in 2002, and for the first time as an African country.

The unique ‘salty water defense’ shone. Morocco, despite a very low possession rate of 28.8% on average, has been sprinting, forgetting about defeat, with real football that builds up a thick defensive block and counterattacks with individual skills. Morocco averaged only 22% possession in their two knockout stage matches, but both Spain and Portugal were unable to break through their defense and had to keep their heads down.

Even the best midfielders in the world have failed to capture Morocco. Neither Luka Modric of Croatia, who reached the semifinals of this tournament, and Kevin De Bruyne, who is regarded as the strongest player in the field beyond Belgium, were not able to exert their strength against Morocco in the group stage. Although the two players are good at creating chances, the key passes in the game were only 0 and 1, respectively.

Even in the tournament rounds, Morocco’s organization was excellent. Neither Spain, where Fedry-Sergio Busquets-Gabi’s ‘Barcelona midfield’ is located, nor Portugal, where Bruno Fernandez holds out, have surpassed Morocco. Spain and Portugal’s ‘half-line’ pass map symbolically shows that Morocco does not easily allow the opponent to advance.

Now I’m dealing with Griezmann. Maybe Morocco will be the most formidable enemy to face. Griezmann is playing the role of a “maestro” who coordinates the attack with 3 assists (most in the tournament), 3.4 key passes per game (the most in the tournament), and 1.2 big chances created per game (the most in the tournament). Morocco, who exposed his weaknesses, such as allowing three key passes only to Fernandez in the last quarterfinals, cannot be difficult. 메이저사이트

It is unknown whether Morocco’s defensive organization will be maintained. Currently, Morocco’s participation in the semifinals is uncertain due to both Nayef Aggerd and Romain Sais, who were the main center backs, injured. In particular, Sais, as Morocco’s captain, played an important role in uniting the players into one team, so if his absence is confirmed, it will inevitably be a huge loss for Morocco.

Sofiang Amrabat’s shoulders are heavy. He has kept the defense safe with 7.7 steals per game, 2.5 tackles per game and 1.2 interceptions per game. Amrabat is also the player who will directly mark Griezmann, who is close to an attacking midfielder. As most of France’s attacks go through Griezmann, Amrabat’s contribution is essential for Morocco to continue the splendor of ‘contest 1 run’.

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