Gwangju, who failed last year’s Rookie of the Year, gave birth to a two-hit rival. Finally, face-to-face. Who will win


The second round of monster rookies who seemed to compete for the Rookie of the Year title last year, but failed to show the expected impact. Will there be a win this time?

Moon Dong-ju of the Hanwha Eagles and Kim Do-young of the KIA Tigers were the most anticipated rookies last year. Moon Dong-joo showed potential by spraying a fast ball over 150 km from the spring camp, and Kim Do-young showed off his quick feet with accurate hitting.

While Moon Dong-ju was stagnant due to an injury, Kim Do-young raised the fans’ expectations by becoming the batting champion in the demonstration game.

As a result, neither of them captured the Rookie of the Year title. Moon Dong-ju came up in May, but went down again due to injury, and at the end of the season, he came back to the first team and only confirmed his potential by starting in three games. Kim Do-young made a splendid debut as the first hitter in the opening game, but failed to adapt to the first team and took time to adapt to the first team as a backup.스포츠토토

And he was back on the starting line. Even this season, the two are receiving a lot of attention from fans.

Moon Dong-joo is throwing a fast ball of 156km, and even the possibility of starting the opening game is emerging. While showing good pitching in a practice game with the Dutch national team, he has become more mature than a 2-year-old. As coach Carlos Subero, who started with a domestic pitcher as the starter, it is said that Moon Dong-ju could start the opening game. Moon Dong-joo has the qualification of Rookie of the Year this year as well, so it is being discussed as a strong Rookie of the Year candidate.

Kim Do-young is also growing up in the interest of director Kim Jong-guk. Coach Kim picked Kim Do-young as the key player for the beast. This is because the wind of change can blow in the infield depending on what he shows. He has no doubts about his hitting ability. He should show how much more he adapts to first-team pitchers.

A confrontation between the two that could not be decided last year. Will this year come to an end? KIA selected Kim Do-young as the first nomination among Gwangju Dongseong High School’s Kim Do-young and Gwangju Jinheung High School’s Moon Dong-ju, and Hanhwa’s first nomination for Moon Dong-ju, making it a rival that has no choice but to speak out among fans every year. So the results of the two are more curious.

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