Han Min-soo planting ‘hope’ in para ice hockey… “Toward the Taegeuk mark!”


Coach Han Min-soo, who led the first ever medal win in Korean para ice hockey at the PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games, has recently transformed into a youth athlete leader.

Reporter Ha Moo-rim met the boys who are running toward the dream of becoming a national team under the guidance of coach Han.


Boys with youthful faces ride sleighs and run across the ice without hesitation.

He is not afraid of rough fights and fires a powerful shot towards the goal.

This is a trio of middle school students who dream of becoming national para ice hockey players in the future.

The teacher who guides them is coach Han Min-soo, who is famous for ‘crybaby captain’ and the protagonist of the Pyeongchang Paralympic bronze medal myth먹튀검증.

Han, who led the semifinals as the national team coach at the Beijing Games last year, put down his baton and is pouring all his energy into discovering young people.

[Soundbite] Han Min-soo/Former Para Ice Hockey Team Coach: “At that time (Beijing Winter Paralympic Games), the average age of the national team was 41. I decided to do it because I thought that if I discovered young players and put them on the national team, they would do well in the next Paralympic Games.”

Director Han shows a caring side by meticulously helping students wear equipment and strength training, but sometimes transforms into a passionate tiger teacher.

[Soundbite] Han Min-soo/Former Para Ice Hockey Team Coach: “You keep throwing the puck, but do you think it’ll be easier for your teammates to catch it? If you’re defending, you’re launching it!”]

Kim Hong-jun, who was a baseball player in elementary school, had to hold a hockey stick instead of a baseball due to bone sarcoma, but he is growing his dream of hope under the careful guidance of coach Han. [Soundbite] Kim Hong-joon(Middle School 2nd Grade) : “I want to raise the status of Korean ice hockey by becoming a national representative. I will surpass coach Han Min-soo



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