Hangzhou AG Shooting Female 25m Pistol National Team Shim Eun-ji


As this is my first Asian Games, I want to do my best with the determination not to disappoint as a player representing the country rather than being greedy.”

Shim Eun-ji (23, Hwaseong City Hall), a rising star ahead of entering the Jincheon National Training Center after being selected as the national women’s 25m pistol shooting team for the Chengdu Summer Universiade in July and the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, said, “It looks like it will be fun, and I look forward to it.”

When she was a freshman at Jeonju 스포츠토토Kirin Middle School, she started shooting with an air pistol along with a friend. During her freshman year at Jeonju Sadaebu High School, she stood out by winning the national championship. After she went to Chungbuk Health Science University, she started with a 25m pistol, a gunpowder gun. Her ranking was in the top 40 during her college days, but after she joined Hwaseong City Hall in 2020, her skills improved rapidly.

Shim Eun-ji won the 2021 Daegu City Jangbae Championships with a new Korean junior record in the 25m Kwon Series. What’s amazing about her is that she only practiced her air pistol for a few days while focusing on her 25m pistol and won the gold medal.

Nam San-ho, coach of Hwaseong City Hall, said, “Eunji has a genius and her own shooting know-how to the extent that she can win the championship by beating top players with almost no air pistol practice.” I can expect a medal,” he said.

Like the MZ generation, when they enter the firing range, they are terrified of training, but after training, they thoroughly rest and take their own time. Coach Nam explained, “I have a good mentality and excellent skills, but I wish I could make up for what I lack through individual training outside of training time, but that part is still a bit disappointing.”

Shim Eun-ji, who won the 25m pistol event at the Daegu City Mayor’s Championship on the 1st of this month, said she was not too greedy for the national team selection. He said that the fact that players with more international experience than himself had to participate in the Asian Games was a plus.

Shim Eun-ji, who said, “I want to become a player who enjoys games with a strong mentality like Kim Jang-mi (Woori Bank)’s sister,” revealed that her ultimate goal is the 2024 Paris Olympics. To this end, he plans to gain experience at the Universiade and after confirming his skills at the Asian Games, he will challenge the Olympic stage.

Shim Eun-ji, who will enter the national athlete’s village on the 23rd, emphasized, “I was selected for the national team this year and lived in the athlete’s village for about two months, and the atmosphere where I can concentrate seems to suit me well.” did.

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