He hit the bat and stood on the mound for the first time. The first bullpen pitching of the dual sword duo “The balance is not 100% yet.”


Kiwoom Heroes pitchers had a bullpen pitching all at once.

Twelve pitchers, including foreign pitchers Eric Yokishi and Ariel Hurado from Kiwoom, Jong-Hyun Won and Chang-Min Lim from Kiwoom, and Jae-Young Jang and Gun-Hee Kim, who are trying the two-way, hit the bullpen of Salt River Field in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on the 6th (hereinafter Korean time). pitched in the bullpen.

There is a bullpen that can be thrown by 6 people at once, so bullpen pitching quickly followed. It was my first bullpen pitching, so I threw between 20 and 30 pitches. 토토사이트

The two foreign pitchers who should lead Kiwoom’s selection are positive. Yokishi, who threw 20, said, “I felt good on the mound. I threw it with a focus on the fastball and changeup.” It went well. I focused on throwing the pitches into the body and the outside, and it felt good for the first pitch.”

Jang Jae-young, who wore a Geelong Korea uniform and threw balls in the Australian League last December, said, “It is my first bullpen pitching in Australia, so the ball rotation or balance is not 100%.” , I felt that I was in good condition after pitching.”

Kim Geon-hee, who is challenging the dual sword style as a rookie, said, “I checked my condition while throwing 20. I was nervous because it was my first bullpen pitching, but senior Lee Ji-young created an atmosphere where I could throw comfortably and guided me well.”

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