‘Health problems’ Conte taking a break for the time being… Coach takes temporary baton


Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte will be away for a while.스포츠토토

Tottenham announced on its official website on the 16th (local time) that “Coach Conte will be staying in Italy for the time being to recover his health.”

Earlier this month, the coach suffered from severe stomach pain. The result of the examination was cholecystitis. Immediately on the operating table, he quickly returned to the field. He vacated the bench for just one game against Manchester City. Afterwards, Leicester City and AC Milan were all directly directed.

It was the result of Conte’s strong will. At the time, he was known to be trying to play against Manchester City as well. The British media’Guardian’ also reported how he hurried his return, saying, “Director Conte is waiting for the medical team’s judgment.”

However, did his body feel burdened by his early return? Conte decided to focus on recovery. Tottenham explained, “Conte, who has undergone a general examination after surgery, has decided to remain in Italy with his family for his full recovery.”

“Health is the most important thing. All members of the club wish him a good recovery,” he said. “For the time being, the team is led by coach Christian Stellini.”

It is not the first time Coach Stellini has led Tottenham. He sat on the bench in place of manager Conte, who was sent off in November last year. He led a 2-1 come-from-behind victory against Olympique Marseille in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Then, when Conte underwent surgery for cholecystitis, he took over the temporary baton again. Coach Stellini led Tottenham to a 1-0 win over Manchester City. His third opponent will be West Ham United.

Tottenham did not mention the timing of Conte’s return. In the future, Tottenham is ahead of league matches against West Ham and Chelsea, as well as the FA Cup and the second leg of the UCL Round of 16 against Milan. As it is an important schedule, it is expected that it will be important to minimize Conte’s absence.

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