History is the way to go… ’38 years old’ veteran Park Cheol-woo, 2000 points in the back attack


Park Cheol-woo (KEPCO), who is 38 years old but still has not lost his competitiveness, has accomplished another great feat. It’s just a back attack that has exceeded 2000 points.

Park Cheol-woo scored 4 points, including 2 back attacks, 바카라사이트 in the Dodram 2022-23 V-League OK Financial Group match held at Ansan Sangnoksu Gymnasium on the 16th.

Although the team lost 2-3 after a full-set match, Park Cheol-woo built a monumental achievement of 2,000 points in his personal career back-guard attack that day.

2000 points in the rear attack is the first ever record in the V-League. It seems difficult to see the 2,000-point break again for a while as the gap with latecomers such as Leonardo Leiva (registered name Leo OK Financial Group, 1627 points) and Moon Seong-min (Hyundai Capital, 1477 points) is considerable.

He also ranks first in the career scoring category with 6570 points. Except for Park Cheol-woo, no one has exceeded 5,000 points. Indeed, the path Park Cheol-woo takes is history.

Park Cheol-woo, who made his debut at Hyundai Capital with his pro launch, later moved to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in 2010 and had a glorious time. As a 35-year-old veteran, in 2020 he moved the team once again to KEPCO, proving that his skills have not rusted.

In fact, this season could be a new turning point for Park Cheol-woo. As it became difficult to maintain the same skills as before, KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min suggested a change in position to a middle blocker.

It was a proposal that his pride as the ‘best striker’ might not allow, but Park Cheol-woo readily accepted it. Because he decided he could help the team.

Although he briefly served as a middle blocker during his time at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, it is an unfamiliar change for Park Chul-woo, who has been active as a ‘main gun’ for most of his career.

However, Park Cheol-woo is adapting to the position with constant effort. The rarity of being left-handed as a middle blocker could actually work as an advantage in an offensive situation such as a quick attack.

He said, “I am practicing one by one from the basics,” and “I think I can improve further by watching and learning from the existing players.” Although he is a 38-year-old veteran, he has no hesitation in learning and has an attitude worth imitating.

In the OK Financial Group exhibition on the 17th, Park Cheol-woo’s ‘dedication’ stood out. After losing the first and second sets, coach Kwon Young-min ‘surprised’ Park Chul-woo as an apogee in the third set. Park Chul-woo accepted the role silently, and KEPCO held down the 3rd and 4th sets and dragged the match to the 5th set. KEPCO, who lost but gained 1 point, surpassed Woori Card and rose to third place.

KEPCO, which once fell into a pit of 9 consecutive losses and was in the lower ranks, is on the rise with 7 wins and 4 losses, including 4 consecutive wins after the 4th round. The ranking, which fell to 6th place, has already rebounded to 3rd place, raising the possibility of ‘spring volleyball’.

Although he is no longer a ‘leader’, veteran Park Cheol-woo’s dedication had a significant impact on bringing about a reversal of KEPCO. Park Cheol-woo, who is in his twilight years as a player, prepares for another spring volleyball this season.

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