How Do You Become a Video Game Producer?


If you enjoy video games and technology, video game production can be a rewarding career. As a video game producer, you’ll oversee the creative team that designs a game from start to finish. A video game producer leads a project and assigns duties to team members. 먹튀검증

Learn more about a career as a video game producer and what steps you’ll need to get started.

What does a video game producer do?
A video game producer will manage employees creating video games, play an executive role during each development phase, and ensure the quality and timeliness of the teams working on the project.

Your role will be more business focused than creative. You’ll handle the budget and ensure production runs on schedule. You may be involved in product marketing and advertising campaigns.

A video game producer is the project lead responsible for coordinating the employees and schedules to ensure deadlines are met.

A variety of majors and paths provide opportunities in video game production. Most professionals in this field have bachelor’s degrees in game design, computer science, digital media, or business. Employees in video game production should have at least a basic understanding of computer programming, design, and project development life cycle to understand the scope of what’s required to develop and release a game.

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
If your goal is to get an executive role in game development and production, having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field may be beneficial. The coursework will provide technical topics about planning, designing, developing, and what deploying a game requires. If you’re more certain about specializing in the specific area of video games, majors such as game development and animation can get you on the right track.

Many of the courses you’ll be taking could be hands-on, interacting with the software used in the industry to create programs and designs similar to real-world tasks. Your introductory courses will cover basic computer science and computer engineering concepts. As you progress through your education, you’ll be able to start specializing in more high-level and specific courses.

Skills required to be a game producer
Although a video game producer isn’t directly involved in the creative side of video game development, digital art and animation are important skills. Programming and coding skills are also essential for video game producers.

A video game producer also needs business skills such as budgeting, marketing, and time management. Leadership skills are essential since the producer is in charge of overseeing everyone involved with the project.

Video game producers should aim to be process-oriented, have a detailed plan of how the game will function and be designed, and keep team members on track to release the product within the deadline. Game producers also should understand the jobs of the designers and developers so they can accurately and effectively communicate with team members.

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