How far is the eradication of corruption in the Chinese football world… Two retired moguls fall again


On the 29th, the Hubei Provincial Party’s Discipline and Supervision Committee (Discipline and Supervision Committee) announced on its homepage that Li Yui, former vice president of the Football Association, and Ma Qingquan, former chairman of Zhongchaolian Co., Ltd., which hosts the Chinese Super League, were charged with serious discipline violations. The Central Discipline and Inspection Commission announced that it was being investigated by the Discipline Inspection Team of the General Administration of Sports and the Hubei Provincial Supervisory Commission.

Li Yui, 68, became vice-president of the Football Association in 2015 and oversaw the Chinese professional football Super League and U23 league until retiring in 2019.

At the time, he led the reform of Chinese football, saying, “I will bring the Chinese Super League into the top 6 leagues in the world,” and in 2017, he established the U23 League.

The number of teams in the U23 league, which was only 87 at the beginning of its launch, soared to about 3,000 in 2019, just three years later, but controversy arose that the number of teams was hastily increased to increase the size of the league.

He also introduced a rule requiring a certain percentage of U23 players to participate in the adult league, saying that young players should be nurtured.

Because of this, each club used an expedient method of immediately replacing U23 players after participating, and in the process, the ransom and income of U23 players rose significantly, which in turn led to an increase in the ransom먹튀검증 of Super League players.

Regarding this, some netizens pointed out, “As the ransom price of leagues in China increases, players are complacent and do not make efforts to advance overseas, and their skills do not improve.”

In the end, the mandatory participation clause for U23 players was abolished after six years amid controversy.

The Bongmyeon Newspaper said, “Starting with former national team coach Ritya last November, 11 former and current high-ranking officials in the football world have fallen from the horse in just 153 days.” It was predicted that the circumstances of the football world would proceed widely.

In the course of the soccer world’s affairs, which began when the Chinese men’s national soccer team was eliminated from the 2022 Qatar World Cup regional qualifiers, former and current high-ranking officials from the Football Association and Zhong Chaolian fell one after another.

Then, on the 1st, the Football Association’s party secretary, Du Zhaochai, deputy director of the General Department of Sports, was also subject to investigation by the Discipline and Supervisory Commission.

Although the specific charges against them have not been disclosed, there are many views that it may be related to corruption in the national team selection process and match-fixing in the Super League.

At the beginning of this month, the National Sports Administration dispatched 7 resident personnel to take over the soccer association, which is in a vacuum of leadership, and oversee the operation.

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