“I didn’t think I could win” Coach Guna Dan’s selection strategy for Kim Tae-yeon, who returned to failure


Coach Guna Dan’s strategy to select Kim Tae-yeon failed.

Incheon Shinhan Bank lost토토사이트 51-65 to Asan Woori Bank in the first leg of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Playoff held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 11th.

From start to finish, I didn’t take a single lead. At one time, it created an atmosphere of pursuit, but the power gap with Woori Bank was too great. With the defeat on this day, they must catch the second game at home to look forward to advancing to the championship match.

After the game, Shinhan Bank coach Guna Dan said, “There are parts that went well and parts that did not go well with the preparation. It’s too bad that I missed the flow twice. Woori Bank can win only when the flow comes once in a while. If you don’t, you can’t win. It’s a pity, but we fought well. I think there will be an opportunity if we play at home with better content.”

On this day, Shinhan Bank started Kim Tae-yeon. Tall center Kim Tae-yeon, who is 189 cm tall, has strengths in rebounding with height and playing behind the goal using strength. Although it has a major weakness in that it lacks mobility, coach Guna Dan took out the card of starting Kim Tae-yeon.

However, Shinhan Bank lost the atmosphere to Woori Bank from the beginning, and Kim Tae-yeon was replaced after only digesting 2 minutes and 22 seconds in the first quarter. Since then, he has not been reintroduced. Coach Guna Dan used second-year forward Byeon So-jeong in place of Kim Tae-yeon.

“I put in (Kim) Taeyeon in the beginning and hoped the opponent would attack that side. He prepared a defense derived from that, but he thought he couldn’t win the game. In order to turn the game around, the defense must come alive, and the offense must come alive. On the contrary, (Byun) So-jung did a good job. That’s why I didn’t use Taeyeon, and sent it out as Sojeong until the end.” Director Gundan said.

Shinhan Bank, who lost the first game, will play the second game at home on the 13th. It is a situation where we have to do our best because we are driven to the edge of a cliff.

Director Gunadan said, “Woori Bank has no real weaknesses. It definitely feels better than our team. Still, (Lee) Kyeong-eun did a good job. (Kim) Sonia and (Han) Chae-jin felt sorry for them, but they had to overcome it. Only then can we catch it,” he said, strengthening his will for the second game.

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