“I don’t have an opportunity like this, I’m an idol… ” Lee Seung-yeop and the strongest baseball → wizard corps → national team part-time job ‘Kim Ha-sung’s gift’


There is a ‘player part-time job’ in the baseball team led by coach Lee Kang-cheol. Ha-Sung Kim (San Diego Padres) and Tommy Edman (St. Louis Cardinals) failed to join the Arizona camp. To make up for the lack of infield resources, KBO sought cooperation from KT.메이저놀이터

It was taken into consideration that it is also Lee’s team, and that KT is holding spring camp at the same Kino Sports Complex in Tucson as the national team. Four players, infielders Hyun-in Ryu, Min-seong Kang, Min-seok Son, and catcher Hyeon-woo Kang, participate in the national team’s training and practice games as part-timers.

They train at the KT camp when there is no national team schedule, and when the national team trains, they train as members of the national team. It is a great honor for them. He mixes with the free agent conglomerates for batting practice, receiving fungos, and exchanging balls.

In particular, attention is focused on Ryu Hyun-in. Ryu Hyeon-in is a 23-year-old right-handed left-handed infielder who graduated from Gwangju Jinheung High School and Dankook University. He did not receive a professional nomination, but after raising awareness by playing as the main shortstop for Monsters in the JTBC entertainment program Strongest Baseball last year, he became a member of KT. He is ranked 70th in the 7th round of the rookie draft, but there are already 10th round success stories in the KBO League.

Ryu Hyun-in stands out for his stable defense. As he repeatedly practiced in the strongest baseball game, he also showed talent in batting. Of course, there is a clear gap between his amateurs and pros. However, there is no disagreement that his defense will work. He also performed well in the national team practice game.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol said at the beginning of the national team call, “I don’t know what to think, but there are not many opportunities for these players to play with such good players. See it positively. For these players, the national team players are their idols, and if you take pictures, exercise together, and eat together, you can motivate them.”

Had Kim Ha-sung and Edman come to Arizona, it would have been difficult for them to train with the national team players. It is regrettable that Kim Ha-seong failed to join the team early, but it will be an unforgettable memory and experience in baseball life for the KT four. This is also positive in terms of the growth and development of Korean baseball.

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