“I liked certain parts of sex”…’Busan return kick’ man’s ex-girlfriend shocking revelations


The ex-girlfriend of the perpetrator of the so-called “Busan kick incident스포츠토토,” who indiscriminately assaulted a woman on her way home from work, has opened up about his sexual orientation.

On June 6, a video titled “The Returning Kicker Playing with the Pan-Prosecutor” was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Caracula Detective Agency’.

This is the same channel where the identity of the perpetrator, Mr. A, was previously revealed.

In the video, Mr. B, who introduced himself as Mr. A’s girlfriend, revealed that “(Mr. A) often wanted to have strange sex with me.”

“He often wanted strange positions such as bending at the waist, which is not normal in a relationship, and he liked certain parts,” she said, adding, “If I refused to do it, he tried to force me to do it.”

He also said, “He had a lot of desire for sex and wanted to dominate and force sex.”

Mr. C, who worked as a security guard at the club with Mr. A, also appeared in the video.

“Mr. A told me that he liked working at the club because he could have sex with girls without paying a lot of money,” Ms. C said.

Mr. C also said, “(Mr. A) gave me tips on how to avoid being charged with sexual assault, such as, ‘Don’t have anal sex. It’s difficult to detect DNA there,’ and so on.”

[Photo source = SBS I Want to Know captured].
Earlier, Ahn was accused of assaulting a woman in her 20s who was returning home at 5 a.m. on May 22 last year after chasing her for 10 minutes at the common entrance of an office building in Jingu-gu, Busan.

According to footage captured on closed-circuit (CC) TV at the time, when Ahn spotted the victim waiting for the elevator, he slowed his stride and sneaked up behind her, then assaulted her by kicking her in the head.

Prosecutors sought 35 years in prison on charges including rape and attempted murder at an appeals decision hearing on March 31.

This reflected the results of genetic information (DNA) re-analysis by the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and the fact that the defendant dragged the victim to a CCTV blind spot and stripped her of her clothes.

The re-evaluation found Mr. A’s Y-chromosome DNA on the inside of the victim’s jeans at four locations, including the waist, thigh, and calf areas, and on one cardigan.

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