“I wish I could go to the national team together”… A meaningful day for a 20-year-old Geelongman, dreaming of AG with a 1-year senior from Gangneung High School


“I want to go to the national team together.”

May 16, 2023 was a meaningful day for Kia Tigers Ji-min Choi. The reason is because it was the day he won his first win after 토스카지노his professional debut. Choi Ji-min came out as the second pitcher after Sean Anderson against Daegu Samsung on the 16th and pitched 1.1 innings with 2 hits and no runs, laying the foundation for the team’s 8-2 victory.

Choi Ji-min, who joined KIA with the 5th rank in the 2nd round of the 2nd round last season, stayed with an average ERA of 13.50 without a win or loss in 6 games in his debut season. After the season, his speed increased as he went to Geelong Korea in the Australian league, and Choi Ji-min, who opened his eyes to baseball, is growing into an indispensable player at KIA this season. When he played for Geelong Korea, he recorded an average ERA of 1.47 with 2 saves and 3 holds in 17 games.

Photo (Daegu) = Reporter Lee Jeong-won
Choi Ji-min, whom we met after the game on the 16th, said, “I gained confidence while training last year. At the same time, the ball seems to have gotten faster,” and smiled, saying, “After the first victory, the hyungs were sprayed with water, and it feels good even if they get hit by water.”

He added, “I feel good because I helped the team escape losing streaks, and I was able to play the winning pitcher because I hit the batting line well.”

Choi Ji-min is fighting well with an average ERA of 1.42 with 1 win and 1 hold in 15 games this season. He is imagining his dream of going to the national team with his best friend, Kim Jin-wook (Lotte Giants), a year senior at Gangneung High School. Kim Jin-wook is recording an average ERA of 2.45 with 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 holds in 15 games this season.

Choi Ji-min said, “I hope we do well together. Sometimes when I come to Gwangju or when I go to Busan, I contact them. I want to go to the national team together,” he laughed.

Finally, “I want to survive in the first team for as long as possible without getting hurt. There is no burden even if you go up at an important moment. I am thinking of stopping this situation. If I have a dream, I want to be a starting pitcher someday.”

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