IBK Industrial Bank of Korea nominated Lim Hye-rim as compensation player for FA Kim Su-ji


Im Hye-rim, a promising스포츠토토 player, wears an IBK Industrial Bank uniform.

IBK Industrial Bank selected middle blocker Lim Hye-rim as a compensation player for middle blocker Kim Su-ji, who obtained FA (free agent) qualification and transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea decided to reinforce the middle blocker as a result of reviewing six protected players (including Kim Su-ji) submitted by Heungkuk Life Insurance. Accordingly, it was decided to recruit Lim Hye-rim, a promising player who joined Heungkuk Life Insurance as the second overall pick in the rookie draft last season, and give him a chance.

Lim Hye-rim is 184cm tall and is expected to jump and attack. She said that she makes steady complements in the off-season, and her performance in the next season is expected.

This completes her compensation process. Heungkuk Life Insurance will compensate Lim Hye-rim and 500 million won, which is 200% of Kim Su-ji’s guaranteed annual salary in the previous year.

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