“I’m happy to be back in Korea” Taiwan’s strongest team at the Boeun T-ball tournament, passion hotter than the summer sun


Children from three countries – Korea, Taiwan and Japan – gained valuable experience playing tee ball together in Bo-eun, Chungcheongbuk-do.

The KBO is hosting the 2023 KBO Youth Tee Ball Festival Elementary Sports Club Tee Ball Competition at the KBO Baseball Center in Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do from July 29-31.

In addition to 50 elementary t-ball sports clubs from across the country, the tournament also featured national championship teams from Taiwan and Japan. In particular, Taiwan traveled to Korea at their own expense, bringing not only the invited winner, Xiantong Elementary School, but also the runner-up, Hsin-Lung Elementary School.먹튀검증

Mr. Robert, Executive Director of the Taiwan T-ball Association, said, “It has been 14 years since we have exchanged with Korea and Japan. We have been exchanging with Korea and Japan since we created the Asian T-ball Federation together. In Korea, we held tournaments for six years with the support of Lotteria. We have not been able to come to Korea for the past three years due to COVID-19, but we are happy that the tournament will be held again with the support of the KBO.”

“Our Taiwanese team is very strong,” said Robert, who added, “In Taiwan, teams from the North, Central, South, and South came to this tournament after going through regional qualifiers and competing in the national tournament. I’m sure they’re very good,” he laughed. Indeed, both Xiantong and Hsin-Lung went undefeated in the preliminary rounds, finishing first in their groups.

The runner-up team, Hsin-Lung Primary School, came to Korea to challenge for the title once again after losing 7-8 in the final. Robert said, “The coach of Xinlong is very passionate. The parents are also very enthusiastic, which is why we came to this tournament.”

Taiwan T-ball is supported by the Sansang Group, which also operates a professional baseball team. “Although Sansang no longer has a professional team, they still support T-ball in many ways,” says Robert. This year, we are organizing a tournament named after our former chairman who passed away, and we hope that the Korean team will come and have a good time.”

For Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese children, interacting through sports from an early age is a valuable experience that will help them grow into adults. “Korea, Taiwan, and Japan take turns hosting the tournament,” says Robert. I think it’s great for kids to meet and play with kids from other countries. Before COVID-19, we also had a team from Hong Kong. It’s a shame that they can’t participate now due to political reasons. After this tournament, there will be tournaments in Japan and Taiwan. A Korean team will also participate. I hope they will come to Taiwan and bring back good experiences,” he said, adding that he hopes to see more international exchanges between the three countries.

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