Infant mistaken dose death “Do not tell anyone”… a bilateral appeal


Last year, three nurses who were sentenced to prison for concealing the death of an infant who was hospitalized for Corona 19 by overdosing drugs differently from the doctor’s prescription were judged by the appeals court.

The Jeju District Prosecutor’s Office announced today (18th) that it has filed an appeal against the judgment of the first trial that sentenced three nurses at Jeju National University Hospital to imprisonment for charges such as negligent manslaughter and organic manslaughter on the job.

■ “Unfair sentencing” … 3 nurses and prosecutors ‘both sides appeal’

Prosecutors said, “The victim died as a result of an accidental drug administration, and they actively tried to cover up the fact that they administered drugs incorrectly by modifying or deleting medical records. “Considering the fact that they have not been forgiven by the victim’s family, it is necessary to punish the accused more severely,” he said as the reason for the appeal.

Prior to the prosecution’s appeal, it was confirmed that the three defendants also submitted appeals.

Previously, the court of the first trial recognized nurses A and B, who were arrested and indicted on charges of negligent manslaughter and organic manslaughter on the job, and sentenced them to 1 year and 2 months in prison and 1 year and 6 months in prison, respectively.

In addition, head nurse C, who was handed over to trial on the same charge, was sentenced to one year in prison by admitting only the charge of abandonment.

Previously, prosecutors had asked for four years in prison for the head nurse and five years in prison for two other nurses.

■ Even after a medical accident… The head nurse “Let’s not tell anyone”

The nurses at Jeju National University Hospital were handed over to trial for administering drugs 50 times the standard to 13-month-old Kang Yu-rim, who was diagnosed with Corona 19 in March last year and was hospitalized. He is also accused of covering up the accident by deleting medical records without reporting to the hospital.

Yurim, who was showing symptoms of difficulty breathing at the time, was prescribed by the doctor to dilute 5 mg of ‘epinephrine’ and administer it through a nebulizer (aerosol inhaler).

However, nurse A gave Yurim 5 mg of this drug intravenously, and Yurim’s condition deteriorated and he died of acute myocarditis the next day.

The ward where the incident took place was originally 스포츠토토an orthopedic ward where children were not hospitalized, but as it was operated as a negative pressure ward amid the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses at the time also took care of pediatric patients with COVID-19.

After the medical accident, it was confirmed that the three accused nurses had deleted records related to the medical accident several times, including the contents of the drug prescription and treatment process related to the case through collusion.

In particular, it was revealed that head nurse C led such an organic crime by ordering a cover-up of the accident, such as saying “Let’s not tell anyone about the wrong medication” at a gathering of nurses.

■ 1st trial “The death of an infant due to misadministration of drugs…accepted guilt of abandonment”

The court of the 1st trial judged that Yurim died as a result of business negligence in administering medication incorrectly, and that the nurses’ concealment of medical accidents and abandonment of patients themselves were clearly guilty.

However, it was difficult to prove a causal relationship between such cover-up and abandonment and Yurim’s death, and the ‘suspicion of abandonment’ was not acknowledged.

The point at which the defendants became aware of the epinephrine misdose accident was one hour after the drug was administered. At this time, the court accepted the defendant’s claim that Yoo-rim’s heart was already seriously damaged and that it would have been difficult to revive him. In other words, it is a judgment that it is difficult to see that the victim has died due to the act of abandonment.

The court also judged that the charge of manslaughter on duty against head nurse C was not guilty, and only admitted that he concealed it after the accident, and found that the crime of abandonment was established.

In the judgment, the judge ruled, “Mr. C did not directly perform, direct, or supervise the act of nursing for the victim, and it is difficult to see that he neglected it even though he knew that there was a risk of an accidental drug administration. I did.

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