It’s a ‘fluorescent zombie’ that doesn’t die… ” There are no outsiders and there is strength to sustain Hyundai E&C even when we are exhausted!


Hyundai E&C endured for over a month without foreign player Yasmin. Yasmin couldn’t step on the court after the Pepper Savings Bank match on December 18 last year. It’s because of his back and shoulder injuries. Hyundai E&C actually played 11 games from the 3rd round without foreign players. Even so, they advanced with a record of 7 wins and 4 losses. In the 4th round, they recorded 4 wins and 2 losses. Manager Kang Seong-hyung said, “I thought we would go 2-4 because our stamina was depleted, but it was fortunate that we went 4-2. It is thanks to the players that they overcame it,” he said.

The gaze of Yasmin’s absence inside and outside the club was different. Some say that the vacancy of foreign players is not large as only domestic players keep the lead, but the vacancy is clearly felt by Hyundai E&C players.

Since Yasmin was showing outstanding results in indicators such as attack total (attack success rate 46.86%) and serve (0.447 per set), domestic players had a large role to fill. Yang Hyo-jin said, “I can’t help but feel the vacancy of Yasmin. Isn’t he a player who was in charge of such a big attack? Of course, even without (Yasmin), the team’s color is coming out well, but it’s good to have a player who can make a big attack.” 스포츠토토

His biggest concern was the decline in physical fitness of domestic players. Even though I had only one seat, the burden was never small because that one person’s share was so large. Veteran Hwang Yeon-ju said, “I hope (foreign players) come soon.” It seems to be something mental,” he said. Jung Ji-yoon also said, “I wish I could join soon. Doesn’t that make our team stronger?”

Coach Kang is overcoming difficulties with tactics and players with mental armament. Coach Kang is producing results by making tactical differences by sending outside hitter (left) Jung Ji-yoon as a starter to reduce the attack burden of Hwang Min-kyung and Hwang Yeon-joo. Players are also trying to live up to expectations. Hwang Min-kyung said, “We have to share the burden. That’s the team,” he said. “Even if there are no foreign players, we try to make the opponent sick. We have to make the opponent feel sick of us, so we ask the players to hold on to it even more. Heungkuk Life Insurance (Kim) Haeran older sister tells us that we are “fluorescent zombies” (an expression compared to the color of the uniform) (laughs). They say she endures without dying as if she were going to die,” she laughed.

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