Jamsil bee heating ‘Dangun match’… KIA-Doosan match sold out two days in a row


it’s hot heat

The 6th game between the카지노사이트 teams of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League, which is being played by professional baseball KIA and Doosan at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul at 2 pm on the 14th, mobilized a full crowd. As of 2:37 p.m., all 23,750 seats were sold out. It is the fourth sell-out of the season for the home team, Doosan.

The entire three-game series this weekend is hot. It is a box office hit that was already expected as KIA, one of the popular teams in the KBO League, visited Seoul to meet Doosan. The meeting between the two teams is so interesting that it is called ‘Dangun Match’, which is inspired by the bear and tiger that symbolize each team.

A box office signal was detected from the 12th, the first game of the series. Even though it was a weekday evening game, 20,563 spectators were mobilized. It was the first time this year that Doosan exceeded 20,000 spectators on a weekday. The heat continued to sell out the day before (the 13th). Doosan tasted sold out again in more than a month after the opening two games against Lotte held on the 1st and 2nd of last month.

It was the same on this day, which announced the start at 2:00 pm with clear weather. Before the game, a large number of people surrounded the baseball field, and the heat was heating up. And tickets for all seats were sold within 37 minutes of the start of the game. This is Doosan’s second consecutive sellout of the season.

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