‘Japanese bad boy’ who won 2 consecutive TKO wins at Road FC, “Both Kim Tae-in and Hwang In-soo have no guts”


On the 1st, a video of ‘Japanese bad boy’ Sekino Taisei (23, FREE), who defeated ‘Korean Maui’ Oil-hak (21, Team Strong Wolf), was released on the Road FC official channel.메이저놀이터

Taisei Sekino TKOed Oil Hak with a punch at 2 minutes and 25 seconds in the second round at Goobne ROAD FC 065 (Anyang co-venue Hongjun Choi, Jin Kim) on the 26th. Taisei Sekino, who is emerging as a rising power, is aiming to take over the Korean heavyweight division.

“I’m glad I won safely, but I wasn’t satisfied with the content of the game at all. Taisei Sekino honestly expressed his feelings, saying, “I will train more in the hope that I will be able to fight a stronger opponent next time.”

Against the powerhouses of Road FC, Taisei Sekino achieved two consecutive TKO wins. After defeating Oil-hak, Sekino Taisei attracted attention by mentioning ‘Road FC light heavyweight champion’ Kim Tae-in (30, Road FC Kim Tae-in gym) and ‘Road FC middleweight champion’ Hwang In-su (29, FREE).

“Kim Tae-in and Hwang In-soo are both said to be champions, but they don’t seem to have any grit. If we have to fight, we will fight, but they will run away anyway,” said Sekino Taisei.

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