Jeon In-gee, tied for 18th place in the 3R with a hole-in-one… “donate $1 million in exchange for a car”


Jeon In-ji (29) donated 1 million dollars (approximately 1.332 billion won) by hitting the first hole-in-one on the LPGA Tour in a major tournament.

In the third round of the Chevron Championship, the first major tournament of the LPGA Tour season (total prize money of $5.1 million) held at The Club at Carlton Woods (par 72) in Woodlands, Texas, on the 23rd (Korean time), Inji Jeon made a hole-in-one and made a birdie. He tied 4 and 3 bogeys to hit 3 under par 69.카지노

Jeon In-ji, who recorded an interim total of 213 strokes under par, was tied for 18th place with Ko Jin-young (28) and others. The previous day, outside the top 100, he ranked 49th and passed the cut, but he also raised his ranking significantly.

Jeon In-ji, who started from the 10th hole, made a bogey at the 14th hole (par 4). Jeon In-ji, who lost one stroke, stood on the 17th hole (par 3, 164 yards). This hole is a ‘Chevron Challenge’ hall designed to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion, donating $100,000 if you make a birdie and $1 million if you make a hole-in-one.

Jeon In-ji’s shot with a 5-iron landed in front of the hole, and it rolled straight into the hole-in-one. Jeon In-ji, who made a hole-in-one, jumped and jumped for joy. He immediately succeeded in birdie on the 18th hole (par 5), and continued his flow by adding consecutive birdies on the 1st and 2nd holes in the second half.

Jeon In-ji, who recorded a bogey on the 4th hole (par 5), added another birdie on the 7th hole (par 3). He also committed a bogey on the last 9th hole (par 4), but opened up the possibility of entering the top 10 ahead of the final round.

Jeon In-ji said, “I talked a lot with the players because there was a good car at stake due to a hole-in-one injury. I was greedy because I could go under par if I made a hole-in-one in that hole, but I wanted to save for tomorrow. It fell right,” he said.

He continued, “I was sad, saying, ‘Oh, there is no car here’, but after hearing what the hole meant, I thought it was more valuable. If you play golf and buy something you want, your happiness will disappear after only 2-3 days. However, donation activities last a month. Even after this, even after a year, I am still happy. It is the most meaningful hole-in-one in my life.”

Yang Hee-young (34) cut 7 strokes on the day and tied for 3rd place with a median total of 9 under par and 207 strokes. Choi Hye-jin (24) and Kim Hyo-joo (28) tied for 6th place with 8 under par and 208 strokes. A-lim Kim (28), who was the leader, could not reduce the number of strokes and was ranked tied for 6th place with an average total of 8 under par.

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