Joining hands with Seohyun Kim, Hyunbin Moon ahead of the first scam in his life,


“As a rookie, rather than thinking about success and failure, I will just bump into them.”

The Hanwha Eagles embraced Kim Seo-hyun, who threw a 150km fastball in last year’s KBO rookie draft. With all the spotlights on him, there was a player who quietly made his own territory, and that is Moon Hyun-bin. After being nominated in the 메이저사이트 second round by Hanwha, he was proudly invited to the spring camp.

Moon Hyun-bin is a player who demonstrates extraordinary leadership to the extent of being captain of both Bukil High School and U18 youth teams. He is not flashy, but he is evaluated as a player who hits well, runs well, and catches well. He was a resource that Hanwha needed, and a player Hanwha coach Carlos Subero wanted even before the draft.

On the 28th, ahead of the first spring camp, Moon Hyun-bin, who contacted me, said, “I am very excited. She said the finish camp was really fun and a great experience. It was a different environment from her high school days, and she also confirmed the systematic part. She’s looking forward to spring camp as much as another one,” she said.

She said Moon Hyun-bin was 100% in her physical condition, and she was confident. He said, “I was preparing steadily at her rookie camp held in Seosan. She hasn’t been able to exercise much outside because the weather is so cold, but she’s a bit off the beaten track, but she’s 100 percent as good as her physical condition,” she explained.

The fact that she was invited to the spring camp with Kim Seo-hyun means that she has good internal evaluations and high expectations. The situation of her departure from her infield is a tragedy, but it could be an opportunity for Moon Hyun-bin. Oh Seon-jin and Park Jung-hyun are holding her back, but if she shows good form in spring camp, there is no reason for her to be pushed out just because she is a rookie.

Moon Hyun-bin said, “As she is a rookie, she thinks it’s right for her to just do her best, rather than saying that she has to do well when the opportunity comes. I’ll try bumping into it Even if she fails, she will be a good experience,” she said. I want to show what the coach (Subero) wants in Arizona. Only then will she be able to keep her seat. However, I don’t want to worry about that part right now. Right now, I just want to think about arriving well and working hard,” she revealed.

Injury prevention is also important. Spring camp is a stage to take a snow stamp before the season, but finishing well without getting hurt is attached as a prerequisite. For Moon Hyun-bin, injury is a bad factor that must be avoided.

Moon Hyun-bin said, “After the draft nomination, I really paid attention to flexibility and mobility training from the finishing camp. She increased her stretching time and focused on warm-up and strengthening exercises,” she said, announcing that she was well prepared.

It is an overseas field training that has been going on for a long time after the era of Corona 19. It is this spring camp that everyone will leave with full of excitement. Even so, Moon Hyun-bin was calm. And there was something special to take care of to keep that calm.

Hyunbin Moon said, “I try to take a lot of her books. I usually read whenever I have time,” she said. It’s a habit (laughs). These days, she is reading the book I Could Be Wrong,” she said. It can also reduce tension. I try to bring books with essays or mentals and stories of successful people’s experiences,” she said.

Moon Hyun-bin, who is calm and reveals her own story without adding or subtracting. He finally said, “I want to show more of the spirit and spirit that the club looks at favorably. Playing with confidence, I want to show everything without being discouraged. I hope that this spring camp will be a place where I can prove myself without getting hurt and doing well,” he concluded the interview.

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