Junior golf equipment, where can I get it?


There are many cases of remodeling junior clubs, exclusively for seniors and women.

Junior golfers in the upper grades of elementary school or junior high school students or older who have grown to a certain extent will generally have no problem with fitting adult clubs, but those in the lower grades of elementary school or small-sized girls who are undergoing early education can use exclusive clubs. need this Among the famous domestic brands, Callaway Golf is developing its exclusive clubs. Callaway Golf’s BP PK XJ model is a full set consisting of drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters, and is similar to a regular adult club. It is composed of a light weight suitable for junior golfers with weak strength, and the size of the iron head is large to allow stable swing.

It is divided into XJ 2 for junior golfers between 115 and 130 cm tall and XJ 3 for junior golfers between 130 and 150 cm tall. In Korea, there are not many brands that actively develop junior clubs, so there are not enough options for consumers who are thinking about exclusive clubs. Accordingly, 6 or 7-year-old preschool children or children in the lower grades of elementary school choose to fit adult clubs according to their body structure. At this time, the recommended club is a senior or women’s club. Clubs released exclusively for seniors and women generally have weaker shafts, making them easier for juniors to use. Along with this, it is also an important factor to consider when choosing clubs for amateurs, not tours. This is because the shaft of the tour club has strong shaft strength suitable for upper-intermediate golfers. 메이저놀이터

Lee Joon-seok, CEO of Peter’s Lab, a fitting center specializing in clubs, said, “If the strength of the shaft is adjusted to be weak, it is easy for children to pick up and play, and it has the advantage of being able to hold the grip stably. However, it is not recommended to weaken the strength of the shaft too much. It’s good to hit the ball, but as the swing becomes more aggressive, there is a risk of injury.” On the other hand, I like to feel some weight in putters, so I am free in terms of shaft selection.

Replace the grip with a thinner one or install a grip released for children. The thing to be careful of is to avoid grips made of synthetic rubber as much as possible. Synthetic rubber grips are preferred among adult golfers because they have a good fit and are not slippery, but they are not good for children. Representative Lee said, “Children are less aware of safety or injury than adults. “Sometimes I get minor burns to my hands from repeated swings while not paying attention and gripping the grip hard.”

How often do junior clubs change?

The recommended time to change clubs for junior golfers from preschoolers to elementary school students is about 1 year on average. Even if it’s not necessarily a year, as the growth cycle is so fast, it’s desirable to change the club if your child’s height or physique has grown noticeably. Some parents even adjust the club a step or two longer from the beginning to account for their child’s growth. It’s a way to cut costs, but it also leads to a shortcut that increases the risk of injury. If the lie angle is low because the shaft is long, wrist injuries may occur due to rolling over. Even so, if it is burdensome to replace all clubs every growth period, experts recommend that you flexibly select clubs by replacing your existing long irons with short irons.

Golf wear is shortened…

As for gloves and golf shoes, there are significantly fewer domestic brands than overseas that actively develop junior lines for golf wear, gloves, golf shoes, and other accessories on overseas sites . Mr. A, who has a junior golfer as a child, said, “It is a big concern among parents that it is difficult to find wear and supplies. They are sold on overseas sporting goods purchase sites such as FJ and Decathlon in the US, but it is difficult to obtain them because of tariffs or low inventory.” Because of the lack of options to choose from a variety of products, wear and golf shoes are often replaced with ready-made clothes from general sports brands. In the case of wear, many people choose to shorten the length from the smallest size.

Meanwhile, in on/off golf wear, it identified the needs of junior golfers’ apparel consumers and secured its brand identity by planning a kids wear line this year. Kim Ga-won, manager of the on/off golf wear marketing team, said, “We responded quickly in line with the fact that the age of golf players is gradually decreasing and the trend of early education is increasing. The number of families enjoying a round together is increasing, but there are many difficulties in finding golf wear for juniors, so it was planned as a wear line. raised,” he said.

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