K-League 1 home opener ‘complete victory’… “Daejeon is back!”


Yesterday afternoon, Daejeon City was hot.

Daejeon Hana Citizen won their first match after being promoted to the K-League Division 1, 2-0 in their home game against Gangwon FC.

In Daejeon, where we faced Gangwon in the promotion playoffs two years ago, Gangwon won and promoted to the first division a year earlier.

Yesterday, placards were put up in the stands remembering the guilt two years ago.

This is a picture that our crew took at the stadium yesterday.

About 18,000 soccer fans gathered to support each team’s performance.

The stadium cheering fever, which had shrunk due to COVID-19, has also been revived.

Take a look at the highlights of yesterday’s match.

In the 10th minute of the first half, Lee Jin-hyun sent the ball, and Leandro passed it to Thiago.

Thiago misses a chance and scores a goal.

22 minutes into the first half.

As expected, Lee Jin-Hyun stretches it towards the goal.

Leandro chases the ball all the way.

It is a shot goal through the gap.

The two Brazilian players who played an active part in this match, first of all, Thiago, were newly recruited by Daejeon this year.토토사이트

Last year, he joined Gyeongnam FC in the second division and scored 19 goals and 3 assists.

Also, Leandro, who joined Daejeon from last year, scored 9 goals and 5 assists last season.

Both players have one thing in common: their performances in the second division stood out.

Will their power work in the 1st division? Through this game, the voice of doubt was put to rest at once.

The protagonist of the first goal was not good, but midfielder Lee Jin-hyun, who created two goals, also played well.

Other than that, all the players showed a well-organized performance.

Not too long ago, ahead of the first game, Olympiacos player Hwang In-beom, who is also called the son of Daejeon, sent a video message cheering for Hana Citizen.

Fans also saw the possibility of the future through this game, and expectations were inflated to the fullest.

[Kwon Hyuk-min/Chairman of Daejeon Lovers, Daejeon Hana Citizen Supporters] : “I was a little worried because there are so many great teams and players in the K-League 1, but looking at yesterday’s game, our team and our players are competitive enough this year. I thought that there was, and I had some expectations that we would be able to go to the top split we are aiming for or even to the Asian Champions League later.

” Yoo Kang-hyun, who scored 2nd in League 2 with 19 goals and 2 assists, was recruited along with Thiago this year.

I look forward to his future activities.

Ju Se-jong, who was hired on loan from the Japanese J-League in July last year, played a big role in Daejeon’s promotion to the first division.

This year, he is fully recruited and leads the team as captain.

[Joo Se-jong/Daejeon Hana Citizen Captain: “Remaining (first division) is our top priority, and after that, when we enter the stability zone, we plan to take a step forward toward a higher place. As captain and as a senior, Our players at the stadium (I will lead them well.)”]

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s next match will be against Incheon on the 4th of next month at Incheon Soccer Stadium.

A home game against Pohang on the 11th and an away game against Suwon on the 19th are scheduled.

The heat of victory that was hot from the start, I hope you will cheer us on so that we can continue to heat up.

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