KBL “If you don’t pay 1 billion won, you can’t go to the playoffs” reconfirmed in professional basketball Carrot


Professional basketball Goyang Carrot, which is experiencing financial difficulties, cannot go to the playoffs (PO) even if it finishes 6th or higher in온라인카지노 the league if it cannot pay the remaining subscription fee.

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) reaffirmed its previous decision at the 3rd extraordinary general meeting of the 28th annual general meeting on the 16th that if Carrot does not pay the remaining 1 billion won for the special membership fee (registration fee) by the 31st of next month, he will not be able to advance to the 6th PO. The decision had already been made at an emergency board meeting in October last year, but was not made public.

If Carrot is in the top 6 in the regular league without paying the subscription fee within the deadline, the teams ranked below Carrot will move up the rankings one step at a time to advance to the Round of 6 PO.

KBL reported that Carrot said at the extraordinary general meeting, “I will pay the special dues within the deadline,” and “I expressed my position that I will faithfully fulfill my obligations as a member.”

Carrot is a team that Day 1 Sports took over and re-founded Goyang Orion ahead of this season. However, the management of the club became difficult as Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, the parent company of Day One Sports, fell into business difficulties, such as going through court rehabilitation procedures. Day One Sports is negotiating the sale of the club.

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