Kim Eui-gyeom “Private texts from the national budget”… Han Dong-hoon “Another Lie”


In response to Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Eui-gyeom’s claim that Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon sent a text message through the “Ministry of Justice text notification system,” Minister Han refuted, saying, “I lie again.”The initiation was yesterday 카지노사이트(18th), when Minister Han Dong-hoon refuted Democratic Party lawmaker Park Chan-dae’s argument related to virtual currency.Minister Han criticized Congressman Park in his statement, saying, “Now, instead of Congressman Kim Eui-gyeom, he decided to take charge of ‘fake news from the Democratic Party’.” Then, Congressman Kim Eui-gyeom criticized a minister onhis 

SNS today, saying, “Why are you bringing me into this matter? What will the Minister of Justice of the country say?”At the same time, Rep. Kim said, “Leave everything, Minister Han sent these contents through the ‘Ministry of Justice text notification system'” and said, “Is it okay to spit out texts full of personal feelings in a system operated by the national budget?” shot it.He added, “The Ministry of Justice’s public system is also used privately, but is there a guarantee that the prosecution’s investigation is not used for political gain?”Minister Han refuted this, saying, “Rep. Kim lied again,” and that “such a system (‘Ministry of Justice text notification system’) itself does not exist at all.”At the same time, “I conveyed my position to the reporters directly on my personal mobile phone without even going through the Ministry of Justice spokesperson’s office.”When Minister Han sent the controversial statement, he sent it using a personal cell phone, not a text message under the name of the spokesperson’s office, which is used by the Ministry of Justice to send press releases to reporters.

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