Kim Si-woo beats the world’s 9th place and wins 2 in a row… Group 1 is visible in the round of 16


Kim Si-woo (28) won two consecutive victories in the group stage of the World Golf Championship (WGC) Dell Match Play on the US Professional Golf (PGA)스포츠토토 Tour.

On the 24th (Korean time), in the second round of the group stage held at Austin Country Club (par 71) in Austin, Texas, USA, Kim Si-woo defeated world number 9 Victor Hovlan (Norway) by 4 holes with 3 holes left. Kim Si-woo completely overpowered Hoblan with only 5 birdies in the 5th, 6th, 9th, 12th and 14th holes. Kim Si-woo, who continued to play no-bogie following the first game, finished the game after 15 holes. Hoblan was dragged by Kim Si-woo throughout the game, including making a bogey from the first hole. Hoblan, who suffered two consecutive defeats, was thwarted from advancing to the round of 16.

In this tournament, in which only 64 players participated in the order of world ranking, four players compete against each other once and receive 1 point if they win and 0.5 points if they draw. The player with the highest points advances to the round of 16. Kim Si-woo defeated Chris Kirk (USA), who ranked 33rd in the world, by 4 holes in the first round of the group stage the previous day, and secured 2 points by catching top ranker Hoblan.

Kim Si-woo, who occupied an advantageous position as first place in the group, will have his final matchup with Matt Kucha (USA) on the 25th. Matt Kucha won the first match of the group stage and drew with Chris Kirk in the second match to secure 1.5 points. Siwoo Kim can advance to the round of 16 simply by drawing a draw in the third match of the group stage.

Meanwhile, Lee Kyung-hoon (32) was defeated by Patrick Cantlay (USA), who ranked fourth in the world, and was unable to advance to the round of 16 with two consecutive losses. Lim Seong-jae (25) was defeated by JT Poston (USA) by one hole and must win unconditionally on the last day. Kim Joo-hyung (21) is trailing Davis Riley (USA) by two holes until the 15th hole. The second round of the group stage is currently being broadcast live on JTBC Golf & Sports.

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