Klinman’s ‘real competition’ begins… “The door is open to all”


 Klins Man-ho’s real competition begins.

Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), who returned from inspecting players playing in Europe on the 26th, headed straight to the soccer field where professional soccer is held.

Coach Klinsman, who watched the K-League 1 match between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Daejeon Hana Citizen at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium (Daejeon won 2-1), will continue to search for a new face this coming weekend while touring Suwon and Pohang.

Coach Klinsman, who has calmed down the recent controversy through meetings with European players such as Son Heung-min (Tottenham), Kim Min-jae (Napoli), and Lee Jae-seong (Mainz), is circling the K-League stadium without a break because of the A-match scheduled for June.

Coach Klinsman made his debut as the head coach of the Korean national team through warm-up matches against Colombia (2-2 draw) and Uruguay (1-2 loss) last month.

However, the preparation period after his arrival in Korea was short, so there was not enough time to put on the color of coach Klinsman.

In fact, many of the national team players who played during the round of 16 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup were included, so there was a strong feeling of seeing an extension of Bentoho.

For this reason, the two consecutive A-matches against Peru (16th) and El Salvador (20th) in June are expected to be the de facto first term led by coach Klinsman himself.

An official from the Korea Football Association said, “The A match in March was a place to celebrate the achievements of the national team in the World Cup. However, June will be a time for Klinsman to make a new start.” he hinted.

Head Coach Klinsman, who has been in rapport with the Europeans, foreshadows endless competition, saying that the door to the national team is open to young players of the national team by age as well as domestic players.

He said, “New players can come in the future. Also, I think the door is open for players who show good performances to come to the national team.”

He added, “I will check the players while watching as many games as possible before the A match in June.”

Young players who will participate in the U-20 World Cup to be held in Argentina next month have also been put on the list for inspection.

Coach Klinsman said, “I 스포츠토토support the U-20 national team to achieve good results in the World Cup.”

It is true that the door to the national team was narrower than expected under the Bentoho system in the past.

Europeans were used, and in Korea, players of the style preferred by former coach Bento were often called regardless of performance.

However, with the arrival of the new coach, the competition for the national team has become ‘zero base’ again.

Coach Klinsman highly praises the players who reached the round of 16 during the World Cup in Qatar, but he wants to put on his own color.

It is a good opportunity for Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan), who was unable to wear the Taegeuk mark even after becoming the top scorer in the K-League 1 during his Bentuho days.

In addition, midfielder Lee Jin-hyeon (Daejeon), who is leading the promotion team sensation this season, and Pohang’s special rookie Koh Yeong-jun, are also among the players expected to bring a new wind to the Klinsmann team.

The ‘new face’ and ‘young player’ he said meant that Klinsmanho’s real competition had begun.

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