Kofi Coburn, who dreams of becoming KBL’s Shaquille O’Neal, is a freshman in his 8th year of basketball?


 Seoul Samsung’s center Kofi Coburn is meeting the expectations of fans.

Coburn is a center signed by Samsung, which was concerned about its competitiveness in the paint zone last season. His enormous size of 210cm and 130kg is enough to intimidate his opponents just by his presence. Samsung’s coach Eun Hee-seok went on a business trip to Japan as soon as last season’s schedule was over, met Coburn in person, and worked hard to recruit him, showing his strong intention to recruit him.

First of all, in practice games and training camp, Coburn is clearly showing the ability to control the bottom of the goal that Samsung expected. In the game against Nagoya Diamond Dolphins on the 14th, he scored 21 points and 16 rebounds, making the opponent’s paint zone his own. To block Coburn, Nagoya deployed an extreme assist defense, but he responded smartly by passing and even provided 4 assists.

Samsung is hoping that Coburn will show the same power he showed during training camp in Japan in the 2023-2024 season. Coburn said, “I am getting along well with my teammates, including my leader Bronco (Lee Jeong-hyun). I feel good. The coach also does a lot of research when it comes to using me and tells me in detail how to move.”토토사이트

Coburn, who is highly anticipated by the team, began playing basketball in 2015. His basketball career lasts only 8 years. Looking at his pitching skills alone, it is no exaggeration to say that he is at a beginner stage. He said, “When I was 14, my older brother, who played basketball from April to August when he grew 10cm, encouraged me to play basketball, so I started playing basketball when I was 15. In Jamaica, I played track and field and soccer until I was 15. I had never played basketball.” .

Basketball brought him joy. Coburn said of his high school days, “I was playing basketball in New York, and the coach of Oak Hill Academy (a prestigious basketball high school in the United States) came to see a friend of a friend of mine and scouted me as well. That friend was Cole Anthony (Orlando Magic).” I remembered.

Coburn said, “I’m still in the stage of learning about basketball. It’s really fun to have various experiences while playing basketball. So, rather than worrying about the NBA or G League, I started my professional career in Japan, where I could get a lot of playing time. “This time, a good opportunity came in Korea. Even now, the process of getting to know our team’s players, playing practice games with many teams, and solving the problem when the opposing team changes their defense against me is a good experience for me. So, I am enjoying playing basketball.” He smiled brightly.

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