KXO 3×3 Clinic’, transferring know-how in Mongolia 3×3…”Continue if there is an opportunity”


“For the development of 3×3 in Korea, 메이저놀이터 we will continue to share 3×3 know-how with general club members. We will continue to hold KXO 3×3 clinics if there is an opportunity.

KXO (Korea 3×3 Basketball Federation) held a meaningful time in the second round of the 2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon, which was held at the Hongcheon National Sports Center in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do for two days on the 18th and 19th. The KXO League players prepared the ‘KXO 3×3 Clinic’ for the U18 and men’s open players who participated in this tournament. 

Last January, KXO went to Mongolia for field training with 6 players: Park Min-soo, Kim Min-seop, Ha Do-hyeon, Noh Seung-jun (above the heavenly Inje), Kwak Hee-hoon (Hongcheon Epin), and Han Jeong-cheol (Busan DEPOt134). Although it was a short time of 3 nights and 4 days, the 6 players who were trained directly by the coach of the Mongolian men’s 3×3 national team returned to Korea and shared their know-how with the players of their team and strived to improve the team’s power. 

In fact, Han Jeong-cheol of Busan DEPOT134 showed the most remarkable growth despite being non-elected, proving that the 3 nights and 4 days of training in Mongolia was not in vain. are paying 

KXO, which wanted to introduce Mongolian know-how to more players to expand the base of 3×3 in Korea, proposed the ‘KXO 3×3 Clinic’ to 6 players. , Han Jeong-cheol and Park Rae-hoon, Hongcheon Epin, participated as KXO 3×3 clinic coaches. 

It was not easy to stop the game and make time for other players during the tournament, but the KXO League players sympathized with the meaning of expanding the base of 3×3 in Korea and conducted the KXO 3×3 Clinic. 

Twenty players participated in the KXO 3×3 Clinic, which lasted about an hour from 1:00 pm on the 18th. The participating players were able to learn the know-how necessary for actual games, such as warm-up methods, screen play, and check ball patterns, from KXO league players. 

The four KXO League players, Park Min-soo, Ha Do-hyeon, Park Rae-hoon, and Han Jeong-cheol, conveyed their knowledge in a way that was as quick to understand as possible, and the participating players also showed serious expressions of willingness to learn even more.  

The participating players, who were awkward at first, tried to take away the know-how of the KXO League players in an active manner at the end of the clinic, asking for tips that they were curious about or tips that could be used in practice. 

Gwak Ji-min of Hongcheon High School, who participated in the KXO 3×3 Clinic with the most enthusiasm and received a signed ball as a gift from players Park Min-soo, Ha Do-hyun, Park Rae-hun, and Han Jeong-cheol, said, “It was a great help to see the players who seemed big but kindly teach me their skills on the court. It was amazing to be able to learn a lot. I wonder if I can use what I learned today in practice, I think I can win more,” he said, saying that the KXO 3×3 Clinic was a useful time. 

A KXO official said, “Actually, it’s not easy to find this kind of time when the season starts in earnest. However, during this tournament, an opportunity arose and I proposed it to the KXO league players, and the players agreed, so I was able to conduct the KXO 3×3 clinic.” I would like to express my gratitude to the league players, and if the opportunity arises in the future, I will try to conduct a KXO 3×3 clinic where I can share 3×3 know-how with general club members for the development of 3×3 in Korea.” 

Meanwhile, at the site of this KXO 3×3 Clinic, Shin Eun-seop, Hongcheon-gun Sports Council President-elect, who was inaugurated on the 22nd, also encouraged the participating players and KXO League players. 

Chairman Shin said, “I heard that a meaningful event is being held in Hongcheon-gun, but I couldn’t not come. I would like you to visit Hongcheon-gun” and expressed his gratitude to the players who participated in the KXO Winter League. 

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