Lee Dong-joon, his parent team, visits Ulsan, and opens the match with Um Sala in speed


The biggest point to watch in the opening match. It’s a speed fight.

The K-League 1 opening game between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai, which will be held on the 25th at Ulsan Munsu Stadium, is expected to be the highlight of the K-League 1 match between Eom Won-sang and Lee Dong-jun.

The story line itself is interesting. Lee Dong-jun played 32 games for Ulsan in the 2021 season, scoring 11 goals and 4 assists, making a big success as the best striker on the team. Returning to the K-League a year after advancing to Germany, he will wear the uniform of rival Jeonbuk, not Ulsan. In the first game of the season, Lee Dong-joon, who moved to Jeonbuk under the active courtship of manager Kim Sang-sik and technical director Park Ji-seong, faces his former team as an enemy. Even the place of the match is Munsu Stadium, where he flew around.토토사이트

Lee Dong-jun was in excellent shape throughout his winter training. He has established himself as a new weapon on the Jeonbuk side with his unique explosive speed and breakthrough. It was because of him that Jeonbuk let go of Barrow, a foreign player who was the de facto ace last year, without much worry. Director Kim also showed satisfaction after checking and confirming Lee Dong-jun’s skills through training. Expectations are high as he embraces the winger that Jeonbuk once feared most.

Lee Dong-jun has to deal with coach Hong Myung-bo and his colleagues, whom he worked with two years ago. It’s an ironic fate, but he said, “The club that appealed most actively was Jeonbuk. It is also the club that reached out to me the hardest with injuries. That’s why I went further.” He did not hide his will to do his best against Ulsan, saying, “Ulsan is a good team for me, but I will work hard and prepare hard to show a good performance and achieve the desired results.”

If there is Lee Dong-jun in Jeonbuk, Ulsan has Um Won-sang, ‘Um Sala’. He is the fastest winger in the K-League. In his last season, adding to his goal-making ability, he recorded 12 goals and 6 assists, performing at the league’s best level. He is regarded as the number one contributor to Ulsan’s victory.

Um Won-sang is Ulsan’s key player this season as well. With Martin Adam in good health and Joo Min-kyu joining, if he plays on the side, Ulsan can score more goals than last year and double their offensive power. Um Won-sang should play the ace role. It is important for him to start with the most important opening match.

Eom Won-sang said, “Dong-jun hyung is a very good player and came from Germany. I am also looking forward to it. I have no intention of losing. I will make sure neither I nor the team loses,” he said, expressing his determination to defeat Jeonbuk and Lee Dong-jun.

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