Lee Ha-na’s first attempt to win a major tournament in Japan… 2 strokes in the 3R lead


Hana Lee (22) took second place by 스포츠토토two strokes from the leader on the third day of the World Ladies Championship Salon Pas Cup (total prize money of about 1.1 billion won), the first major tournament of the JLPGA Tour, Japan I was close to winning my first stage win.

Lee Ha-na lost two strokes in the third round of the tournament held at Nishi Course (par 72) at the Ibaraki Golf Club in Japan on the 6th (Korean time) and recorded an intermediate total of 2 over par 218.

Below I caught 3 of her birdies but committed 5 of her bogeys.

She was born in China and lived in Korea until her freshman year of high school. She has been on the JLPGA Tour since 2020. She has yet to win her tour.

Leading her is Yoshida Yuri (Japan), who has a mid-even par.

Shin Ji-ae tied for third place with a 4-over par. Lee So-mi also tied for third place with a 5-over par.

Kim Su-ji is tied for 10th with a 7-over par, and Park Min-ji is tied for 25th with an 11-over par.

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