Lee Si-young of Seoul, “I will make 2023 a turning point in my soccer life”


The professional football K League 1 FC Seoul, which has been conducting its first winter training in Hua Hin, Thailand since the 8th, is spurring preparations for the 2023 season by conducting intensive training. In particular, the competition between players to become the main character this season is unfolding more fiercely than ever.

Lee Si-young, who newly joined FC Seoul for the 2023 season, is shining more fiercely than anyone else. I met Lee Si-young, who says that although it is difficult, she is enjoying training while working hard, in Hua Hin, Thailand, where she is training.

What Lee Si-young wants to achieve through this battery training is, “First of all, you have to grow personally and technically. He also replied, “He adapts to the team as quickly as possible, works hard with his teammates, and works hard to create better synergy.”

How would you like to adapt as a transfer student? He said, “I don’t have an active personality, but I’m trying to be more active in training because I’m at an age where I have to play an intermediate role to some extent. My older brothers and friends, such as Na Sang-ho, Lim Min-hyuk, Kim Jin-ya, Hwang Hyun-soo, and Han Seung-gyu, helped me a lot, and I also have a lot of confidence in Park Soo-il and Kim Kyung-min, who joined the team this time. There are many players of the same age, so there was no big difficulty in adapting.”

Competition within FC Seoul will be fierce. Regarding this, “Everything will be a competition right now, but now I think I learn a lot from one step behind, and I think grabbing an opportunity when it comes is a pro. As a pro, I always felt that I had to be competent and prepared, so I think if you prepare well, the next one will follow.” 토토사이트

What are the advantages? Lee Si-young said, “First of all, my strengths are speed and mobility, and my style is to play a lot in defense as well as give a lot of help and help. Cross is also confident,” he said with strength.

FC Seoul is a team with passionate fans in the league. Lee Si-young told the team fans, “I personally have high expectations after coming to FC Seoul, and my mindset is very different. In fact, when I look back at 2022, I think I failed, but I think this year is a really important time. But I am really confident and I want to make 2023 a turning point in my football life. So I have a different resolution and I want to prove myself to the fans. I will do my best to enter the stadium and show my skills befitting an FC Seoul player.”

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