Lee So-mi, tied for 5th place in the first Japanese major 1R… Park Min-ji 42nd ‘Shake’


Park Min-ji (25), Kim Su-ji (27), Lee So-mi (24), and other top players of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour flew to Japan. On the first day of the World Ladies Championship Salon Pas Cup (total prize money of 120 million yen), the first major tournament of the JLPGA tour season, Lee So-mi recorded the best performance.

In the first round of the tournament held at the Ibaraki Golf Club (par 72) in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan on the 4th, Lee So-mi hit an even par 72 with two birdies and two bogeys. The ranking is tied for 5th, two strokes behind the sole leader Misaki Miyazawa (21).

Lee So-mi won two wins on the KLPGA tour in her last 2022 season, and is a top-class player with a total of 5 wins. Last year she was named seventh on the money list. Lee So-mi, Park Min-ji, and Kim Su-ji all entered the top 50 women’s golf world rankings on December 31, 2018, and earned the right to participate in this tournament.

Only 4 players recorded under par that day. It was because of the difficult course conditions with hard greens and steep slopes, as well as strong winds in the afternoon. Among them, Lee So-mi performed well by recording her even par.

After Somi Lee committed her bogey on the 2nd hole (par 4) in the first half, she continued the par streak to the 9th hole, but she made up for the number of strokes she lost with her 4m birdie on the 10th hole (par 4). After she bogeyed again on the 11th hole (par 4), she made another long birdie on the 12th hole (par 5) and then made a mistake-free play.

Kim Su-ji, who won two wins last year and won the KLPGA Tour Grand Prize and the least number of strokes, recorded one birdie, but recorded four bogeys and recorded a 3-over-par 75 strokes. He was placed tied for 29th.

Park Min-ji (25), who won 2 consecutive wins in 2021 and 2022 with 6 wins each for 2 consecutive years, showed struggles in the first tournament of the JLPGA tour. Park Min-ji is ranked 26th in the world ranking, the second highest among the players who participated in this tournament, following Yamashita Miyu (23rd).

However, in this game메이저사이트, the shot in the second half was shaken. He caught 2 birdies but wrote down 2 bogeys and 2 double bogeys to hit my 4 over par 76. In particular, the fact that there were two double bogeys in one round is a difficult part for Park Min-ji.

Park Min-ji took the lead by catching two birdies until the 10th hole, but started to shake sharply from the 11th hole. Park Min-ji, who made her first bogey on the 11th hole (par 4), took her third shot from a difficult position on the 12th hole (par 5), so she came up to the green in four shots and wrote consecutive bogeys.

In the 13th hole (par 3), he tried a bump and run with his tee shot slightly over the green, but he wrote down a double bogey when he could not put it on the green at once.

In the 15th hole (par 3), his tee shot fell into the water in front of the green, and his third shot went into the bunker in front of the green and committed another double bogey.

Park Min-ji, who is tied for 42nd place, is only one stroke behind the 5-over-fine 61st place group. In order to pass the cut, you must reduce the number of strokes as much as possible in the second round.

Misaki Miyazawa (21), a rookie on the JLPGA tour this year, tied 4 birdies and 2 bogeys to hit a 2 under par 70 and run alone in the lead, while Yuri Yoshida (23), Shina Kanazawa (28) and Yumi Kudo (24) tied for 1 under par. He tied for second with a 71.

Lee Ha-na (22), a Korean player on the JLPGA tour, tied for 5th with Lee So-mi (even par 72 strokes). Shin Ji-ae (35), who won one win this season and is ranked second in prize money, was sluggish with a 4-over-par 76 and a tie for 42nd.

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