You are a 25-cent slot player, not a heavy hitter like those five, ten, twenty and hundred-dollar bruisers, some of which need an attendant to record the amounts they gamble that are over 10 thousand dollars.

Most 25-cent slot players do not think of how much money they put through the machines in the four- to six- to eight-hour stretches they play, which is the average time for such players.

Let’s take a look at the amount of money that might go through the former one-armed bandits.

[Please note: I still like using the ancient title “one-armed bandits” despite the fact that almost no one uses that term anymore. It accurately described those early slot machines. I give tribute to them. They started the slot machine revolution that has come to fruition today.]

Let us take a simple machine—the traditional one with three symbols that pay us if they hit. You can prorate the new machines you might play to the three- symbol winners that allow you to put in much more money/credits than the traditional three.

The newer machines can take a lot more money from you, as can the progressive machines, which have high house edges. Your comps should be more if you play the newer machines.

The average house edge on the 25-cent ma- chines is about 10 percent. A player might face 12 decisions an hour. That’s 75 cents (full coin) that comes to $9. That’s almost as much as the $10 table-game wagers. The house edge on table games is usually well under 10 percent—more like a high of 2 to 5 percent. (The exceptions would be some bets on craps that can go sky high, even higher than the 75-cent slot-machine take.) A six-hour slot player at the traditional machine will put through $540 per hour and $3,240 in six hours. That player will be expected over time to lose $340 per day. Table-game players can expect to receive approximately 30 to 50 percent of their expected losses in the form of comps.

Now, spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the casino and that $3,240 rises to $9,720.The expected loss would be $1,020. 먹튀검증

[Please note: You can make this any three days. You can make this as many days as you go to the casinos in a month or year. It’s the total amount of expected losses that the casino needs to figure out what you are worth to them. Midweek players are worth more to the casino than weekend players. I am not exactly sure what the percentages are in this case.]

Let us take 30 to 50 percent of the expected losses. The 30 percent return would be $306, while the 50 percent return would be $510. Mid- week casinos will often give even low-level slot players free or greatly reduced rooms and restaurant reservations (you can get very, very fat at the buffets!).

Yes, many casinos will offer gifts. Some players have so many steak knives that they would have to buy a ranch. Some casinos give them bottles of free wine.

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