Like the wind rushing… ‘Medal Rescue Team’ climbs the gold wall


“I am even more desperate because it is the last time.”

Seungbeom Lee (24, Central Gyeongnam Climbing), whom we met at the Gangnam Sports Climbing Center in Seoul on the 30th of last month, said with a determined expression, “My physical condition is not what it used to be. “Even a little bit of overexertion can cause injuries and the recovery speed is slow,” he said. “Considering that this is the last Asian Games, I am concentrating on lowering my personal record, and I am focusing on training in coordination in the relay where three athletes climb the rock wall one by one.”

Lee Seung-beom, who is competing in the sports climbing speed category at the Hangzhou Asian Games, has not missed the top spot in the country ever since he wore the Taegeuk symbol on his chest in his third year of high school. However, in the Asian Games national team selection held on April 7, he lost first place to his same-age friend Lee Yong-soo (24, Oh Hyeon, etc.), and this was an opportunity to make up his mind.

“After coming in second in the country for the first time in several years, my heart sank as I began to wonder if my skills had declined,” he said, sighing. “If I am not selected for the national team, I cannot compete on the international stage, so the selection process is even more burdensome. “It was difficult at the time, but I told myself to focus on the next game because even if I wasn’t in first place, I was still eligible to participate,” he said.

Regarding the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang tournament, where he lost in the quarterfinals, he said, “At the time, the skill gap with world-class players was large, so it was difficult to win even without making mistakes, but now the gap has been narrowed a lot.” He added, “Because the faster the record, the more frequent mistakes are made. “If you focus only on the game and reduce variables, you can easily win a medal,” he emphasized.바카라사이트

The experience of becoming the first Korean male athlete to win the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Asian Championships held at Jamwon Hangang Park in Seoul in October last year by defeating Indonesia’s Bedric Leonardo, the world’s No. 1 player, turned that possibility into certainty.

Seungbeom Lee said, “It’s actually the same as winning the Asian Games. “The scale of the competition is a little smaller, but the number of participating players is similar,” he said. “We beat both Chinese and Indonesian players who were competing for first and second place in the world. “Even if we meet again in Hangzhou, I think we will be able to reduce the tension by remembering the game we won,” he said.

Seung-Beom Lee, who started climbing in the fourth grade of elementary school following his father, who worked in the fire and rescue team, swept various competitions with his extraordinary competitive spirit. However, as his height grew to 184cm, his weight also increased, and his skills in ‘lead’, which involves climbing high, and ‘bouldering’, which involves solving tasks, gradually declined. Accordingly, after entering high school, he switched to speed, and after training for two years outdoors in the middle of winter in the snow, he became one of the best athletes in the country.

The sports climbing speed category is an event where you can never win first place unless you are lucky, so the results cannot be predicted until they come out. Seungbeom Lee said, “There are many variables such as the environment such as humidity and the player’s condition on the day. “If you have a false start or slip, all your efforts can be ruined in an instant,” he said. “This is my second Asian Games, so I am expecting better results. “I will not worry about my opponent and will only focus on my record,” he pledged.

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