Lim Joo-heon, who overcame injury, won a silver medal in his first appearance at the Figure Skating Junior GP


Another talented figure has emerged in Korean men’s figure skating. Lim Joo-heon (17, Surigo High School), a promising figure skating star, won a silver medal at the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix competition, where he participated for the first time.

Lim Joo-heon received 142.57 points, including 70.4 technical scores (TES) and 72.17 artistic scores (PCS), in the men’s single free skating at the 4th competition of the ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix of the 2023-2024 season held in Osaka, Japan on the 15th.

Lim Joo-heon, who received a final total of 217.95 points combined with a short program score of 75.38 points, ranked second after Francois Pitot (France), who won with 219.86 points. Daniel Martinov (USA) followed with 207.98 points.

Last year, Lim Joo-heon missed his ISU Junior Grand Prix debut due to a broken ankle. He challenged the ISU Junior Grand Prix stage in earnest this year and won a valuable silver medal in his debut.

At the National Championships last January, Lim Joo-heon ranked 9th in the men’s singles. However, he placed third in the Junior Grand Prix selection in July and had the opportunity to participate in this season’s Junior Grand Prix.

In the short program the previous day, he came in ‘surprise first place’. In the free skating, she failed to clean the program due to a few mistakes, but performed stably overall and won a silver medal.

For his first task, Lim Joo-heon attempted a triple Axel + triple toe loop combination jump. He performed a triple axel, which involves three and a half laps in the air, and then performed a triple toe loop with a follow-up jump. Although his landing was slightly shaky, he avoided major mistakes and no points were deducted.스포츠토토

The solo triple axel was performed cleanly and received 9.26 points, including a basic score of 8 points and a score of execution (GOE) of 1.26 points. He also performed the triple lutz + double axel + double axel sequence without mistakes and earned a performance score of 1.01 points.

In the second half of the jump, where 10% extra points were given, a triple flip was attempted, but the landing was shaky and attention (indicated by !: Be careful of using the wrong skate edge) was issued. The triple lutz + double toe loop combination jump that followed was performed cleanly. However, in the triple loop, quarter landing (when the jump rotation is less than 90 degrees) was pointed out.

The triple Salchow was judged to be underrotated (when the jump rotation is less than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees) due to insufficient rotation, and 0.98 points were deducted.

In the non-jumping element, he received the highest grade of level 4 in the flying change foot combination spin and change foot combination spin. In the change sit spin, he scored level 3, and in the Coreo sequence that elicited gasps from the audience, he was given a performance score of 1.57 points.

After finishing the game, Lim Joo-heon cheered, raising his right arm as if he was satisfied.

Lee Jae-geun (15, Surigo High School), who also competed, received 127.67 points, including 60.84 technical points (TES) and 66.83 artistic points (PCS). Lee Jae-geun, who earned 195.8 points combined with the short program score of 65.76 points, finished the competition in 6th place.

Hwang Jeong-yul (13, Sangmyeong Middle School), who participated in the women’s single short program held earlier, ranked 5th with 61.09 points, including 34.97 technical points (TES) and 26.12 artistic points (PCS).

The score difference with Yu Pengchai (Taiwan), who ranked 4th with 61.52 points, is only 0.43 points. It is 1.7 points from 3rd place Aikura Kushida (Japan, 62.79).

Hwang Jeong-yul, a young prospect born in 2010, took 7th place in the women’s singles qualifying event for the Junior Grand Prix held last July. Having qualified for this season’s ISU Junior Grand Prix, she had a smooth debut.

Han Hee-soo (15, Sunil Girls’ Middle School), who also competed, faltered in the jump and finished in 15th place with 51.07 points. Hee-su Han won a bronze medal in the first round of the Junior Grand Prix held on the 25th of last month. She competed in her second Junior Grand Prix this season, but she faltered with frequent mistakes and fell short of the 55.29 points she received in the short program in the first event.

Hwang Jeong-yul will challenge for her medal in the women’s single free skating on the 16th.

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