LIV Golf World Ranking Points Received… To drop out of the PGA Commissioner’s examination


ESPN, an American sports media outlet, reported on the 25th (Korean time), “PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan and DP World Tour CEO Keith Pelli have decided to withdraw from the Men’s Golf World Ranking Committee review.”

The World Ranking Committee review is conducted by representatives of the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and the four major tournaments.

In particular, it seemed difficult for Liv to receive points because the PGA Tour’s Commissioner Monahan, who is at odds with Liv, is in charge of judging the world ranking points.

However, once Commissioner Monahan and CEO Pelli decided to withdraw themselves from the screening, they entered a new phase.

As they are excluded, only the representatives of the four major tournaments will judge whether Liv’s world ranking points are applied, because they have no ill feelings toward Liv, such as allowing Liv’s players to participate.

If, by any chance, Live Golf is recognized as a world ranking point, the status of the tour will rise even higher.

Players are satisfied with live golf in terms of huge financial rewards and welfare, but the ‘honour’ of major tournament titles is also considered a very important value. Accordingly, there is a possibility that the ‘transfer rush’ of star players, which has been infrequent for a while, will resume.

Liv Golf, which was launched in June of last year, has recruited many top players on the PGA Tour with enormous financial power. Naturally, a confrontation with the PGA Tour was created, and the PGA Tour countered by banning players who transferred to Liv from participating in the tournament.

The Liv Tournament was welcomed by players by giving more prize money than the PGA Tour and building up a sufficient off-season period, but on the other hand, it also has the disadvantage of not being able to give world ranking points. 온라인바카라

Currently, the four major competitions do not prevent Liv players from participating, but if they do not reach a certain level in the world rankings, they cannot qualify for the major competitions.

In response, Liv’s side urged several times that world ranking points should be given, but the World Ranking Committee refused, citing reasons such as the fact that there was no cutout and that the match was played in the third round.

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