‘Lol’ after carjacking, assaulting police officer…middle schoolers sentenced side by side


Middle school students who assaulted a police officer while stealing cars dozens of times have been sentenced to prison메이저놀이터.

On April 24, Judge Kang Ran-ju of the Jeju District Court’s Criminal Division 3 sentenced three middle school students, including A (16), to long-term imprisonment of 10 months to one year and six months and short-term imprisonment of eight months to one year and two months, respectively, for obstruction of justice.

Unlike adult crimes, juvenile trials can impose a combination of prison sentences with upper and lower limits. This is an “indeterminate prison sentence” in which the final sentence is determined by the defendant’s behavior while serving the sentence.

The men are accused of rummaging through unlocked cars and stealing money on 56 occasions between July 26 and Dec. 13 last year at the Jeju International Airport parking garage and the parking lot of a well-known hotel in Jeju City.

In some cases, they illegally used the vehicles by driving them and then putting them back in place.

From the cars, they stole luxury goods, including designer bags, and sold them on online classifieds sites. They also used stolen credit cards to buy items and sell them on secondhand sites. In this way, they used the stolen 34 million won for entertainment.

They were also tried for driving a motorcycle on a road in Jeju City at around 8:15 p.m. on Nov. 27 last year and injuring a police officer who responded to a report of “reckless driving” by hitting him in the face.

In particular, even after he was caught by the police, he showed an unrepentant attitude, laughing and saying, “I’m going to be released today, right?” and shifting the blame to the victims, saying, “Why don’t they lock their car doors?”

At the final hearing in January, the defense attorney said, “The defendant met a bad senior in another area and got into a gambling debt of 20 million won. He committed the crime while trying to repay the debt,” and appealed for leniency.

However, the court said, “The defendants showed a disregard for law and order by insulting police officers during the arrest process. They continued to commit the crime unrepentantly even as the investigation was being conducted,” the court said, and sentenced them to imprisonment.

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