Man United failure’ Kagawa, an example of not going to a big club in a hurry


Shinji Kagawa (Cerezo Osaka, 33) was cited as an example of not rushing into a big club.

Kagawa recently returned to his parents Cerezo Osaka and made a comeback in the Japanese J-League. It is a return to the Japanese stage after 12 years of transfer to Dortmund in the German Bundesliga in 2010.

Kagawa has one of the best European careers among Japanese players. But there were more failures than successes.

After two seasons at Dortmund, Kagawa moved to Manchester United in the English Premier League in 2012. He built a nest in a big club based on his performances in two seasons.

From this point on, his downhill journey began. He played well in his first season, but after that, he was completely pushed out of the main competition. At the age he was entering his prime, the amount of time he spent on the bench increased, which led to a decline in his performance. In his second season, he recorded only two assists and did not score a goal, eventually returning to Dortmund after two seasons.

However, he spent a lot of time on the bench in his prime, which led to a decline in his overall performance. He had to be content with a member of the rotation because he could not show the image he had in the first season of Dortmund in the past. 안전놀이터

Overseas media ‘The Athletic’ said, “The two years that Kagawa first played in Germany were vivid and bright memories. However, Kagawa has become a player who warns against transferring to a big club in a hurry,” he said, evaluating his European career.

“Man United didn’t suit him. It is true that he is a good player, but he has wandered in Turkey, Spain, Greece and Belgium.” He explained that he should have gone to Manchester United after gaining a little more experience in Dortmund.

After leaving Dortmund, Kagawa transferred to Besiktas (Turkey), Real Zaragoza (Spain), PAOK (Greece), and Sint Traudon (Belgium), showing his will to remain in Europe, but none of them could find a place, and eventually returned to Japan.

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