“My role model is pro Shin Ji-ae” Shin Sae-eun, who won the Kanudabae, sets his sights on the KLPGA


Shin Sae-eun (18-Youngshin), a future star of Korean women’s golf, topped a junior tournament.

Shin shot a four-under-par 68 to win the 22nd Golf Journal Junior Golf Tournament at Century 21 Country Club in Wonju, Gangwon Province, on 26 June. Second place went to Yeo Won-bi (Sungil High School – 3 under par) and third to Ahn Jae-hee (Gimcheon Bangtongo – 2 under par).

As the winner, Shin took home a trophy, a certificate, and a Kanuda scholarship of KRW 2 million for having the lowest score among the female players. She also received a double set of Kanuda pillows and a $100,000 gift voucher from the tournament organisers.

There are also perks for the winner of the women’s high school division. Shin also took home an invitation to the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour’s Daewoo Women’s MBN Women’s Open from 7 July.

Yoo Young-ho, CEO of GANUDA, Lee Won, Chairman of Golf Journal, and other guests took a commemorative photo with the winners of each category. Wonju=Haengwoon Heo Reporter lucky77@sportsworldi.com

Speaking after the ceremony, Shin said, “I was well prepared for the tournament. I was able to play in top form,” she smiled brightly. “I could feel my stamina dropping, so I prepared mainly with physical training. I was able to get some rest and improve my form to win.”

Even after finishing at four under par, the victory was far from certain. “I was nervous and waiting for the results because I didn’t know the other players’ scores스포츠토토. However, I was satisfied with my result because the golf course had its own difficulty.”

“Personally, I’m a big fan of her and would love to meet her someday,” he said. “She’s been around for a long time, so I want to emulate her.

Now in his third year of high school, he dreams of playing professionally, and in that sense, the KLPGA Tour qualification is a stroke of luck. “It’s a dream, something I could only imagine. I only thought I would be able to go, but I am honoured to be able to gain such experience as an amateur,” he smiles brightly.

“It’s going to be my first time seeing my professional sisters, so I’m not going to be intimidated and I’m going to play my game confidently,” she said, adding, “I’m going to make a lot of improvements to my putting.” Finally, he expressed his determination for a brilliant future, saying, “One day, I want to enter the LPGA Tour and become a player who consistently ranks in the top 30 on the money list.”

Meanwhile, in the high school boys’ division, Kim Min-ki from Sarom High School won with a 5-under-par 67. He is only in his first year of high school, so we can look forward to his performance in the junior tournament.

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