North Korea’s Kim Jong-un’s health problems… The identity of the ‘black mark’ found on the left wrist


When North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared in public for the first time in a month, a black mark was spotted under his left wrist. Some speculated that the spots, which had been observed to be traces of cardiovascular procedures, were exposed again, and some raised theories about health problems.

North Korean state media, including the Korean Central News Agency and Rodong Sinmun, reported on the 17th that Chairman Kim Jong-un inspected the first military reconnaissance satellite, which was ready to be loaded after the final space environment test the previous day. Kim Jong-un’s public activity is almost a month since the on-site guidance of the National Space Development Agency on the 18th of last month.

According to a photo released by the Korean Central News Agency, something unusual was observed in Kim Jong-un holding his cigarette and sitting with his daughter Joo-ae. On the left wrist of Kim Jong-un, who was placed on the table, a dark red spot that had not been seen before was detected, and his face was noticeably swollen compared to a month ago.

A black spot has been captured on the left wrist of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, raising rumors of health anomalies. [Photo source = Yonhap News]
Regarding this, some speculate that, just as Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung suffered from cardiovascular disease in their ancestors, it may be that Chairman Kim also had a trace of inserting a needle for cardiovascular disease treatment.

The rumor about Kim Jong-un’s health is a regular menu that comes out every year. Despite his young age, he is known to suffer from heart disease and adult diseases due to excessive weight and drinking and smoking.

In 2020, a birthmark was exposed on Kim Jong-un’s right wrist and attracted attention. In this regard, observations have been made that it is not a trace of stent insertion remaining during cardiovascular surgery.

Kim Jong-un’s weight, which was about 90 kg at the beginning of his reign, rapidly increased to 140 kg. In addition, some foreign media, such as Japan카지노사이트, raised the theory of ‘surrogate’ when Chairman Kim appeared in September 20201, the anniversary of the establishment of the North Korean regime, losing weight. In December 2021, Kim Jong-un was seen rapidly aging at a central memorial meeting held at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang on the 10th anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong-il’s death, raising rumors about his health. At that time, Kim Jong-un’s face looked dark red, and the wrinkles on his lower jaw, such as his eight characters, were also deeply dug.

On May 24, 2020, Chairman Kim Jong-un attended an enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea (left). Chairman Kim presided over a meeting of the Politburo of the Labor Party on April 11 (right). [Photo source = Chosun Central TV ]
Because North Korea is a closed dynasty, Kim Jong-un’s movements and daily life are kept in complete secrecy. For this reason, when Kim Jong-un’s stealth was prolonged or unusual parts were observed in photos or videos released by the North Korean media, it was frequently ignited as a ‘health anomaly’ and then faded again.

It is known that the intelligence authorities are aware that there are no serious health problems right now.

The National Intelligence Service reported at a plenary meeting of the National Assembly Intelligence Committee on September 28 last year that “there were no signs of abnormal health itself in the current way of speaking or walking.”

The Ministry of Unification also said in February, “We are aware that there are no serious health problems because we are carrying out various schedules.” Regarding the health abnormality rumors raised by this birthmark photo, he said, “It is difficult to diagnose the health condition just by looking at the press photos,” and “there is nothing to confirm.”

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