OK Financial Group rugby team loses 5-59 in first official game against KEPCO… “I will show more and more performance”


OK Financial Group’s Itman rugby team played its first official match in history.

The Isman rugby team, led by coach Oh Young-gil, the protagonist of the movie “600,000 Tries,” played its first official match as an unemployed team in the first round of the “2023 Korea Super Rugby League” held at Songhwa Rugby Stadium in Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk on the 25th.

The Thumman rugby team was defeated by the final score of 5-59 against the defending champion, KEPCO, and postponed the first victory of the unemployed team to the next.

The main character of the historic ‘Try No. 1’ of the Thumman Rugby Team was Wing (WTB) Geomok Jeong. Geomok Jeong made the first try of the Itman rugby team in about 9 minutes from the start of the game, leading to a 5-3 lead at the beginning of the game.

Jeong Geo-mok said, “It was a more meaningful match as I became the main character of the first try of the Thumman rugby team. It is like leaving a name in the history of the Thumman rugby team. Starting from today, I will work hard to become the protagonist of more records in the future. In addition, in the next game, I will definitely bring the first victory after the establishment of the Unemployment Team of the Thumman Rugby Team.”

The performance of foreign players, which attracted a lot of attention from the Korea Super Rugby League Media Day, was also noteworthy스포츠토토. From the first match, Yanu Venter and other foreign players of the Thingman rugby team helped the team to play aggressively, working well with domestic players.

Coach Oh Young-gil, who played his first game as a coach of the Ttman rugby team, said, “The play was good until the 20th minute in the first half, and the players communicated well. However, as we missed several offensive opportunities and the defense time increased, the burden increased.”

Head coach Oh Young-gil said, “Even though we didn’t win, the players showed the results of their efforts. We expect to show better performance in the future. As we have just taken our first step as an unemployment team, we will make up for the shortcomings well.”

Wing (WTB) Park Jong-hyun, who performed impressively in the first game of the Korea Super Rugby League, said, “Even though KEPCO is a very strong team, I thought we could win enough, and even led until the 20th to 30th minute in the first half.” I became more clear about what I lacked. In the second game against Hyundai Glovis, I will prepare well and win. I would like to thank the people who came to support me all the way to Gyeongsan,” he said.

Janu Venter, who experienced Korean rugby in earnest through the match, said, “The Korean rugby match was more intense and higher than expected. I could see why KEPCO was the champion,” summarizing what he felt after facing the Korean rugby team in real life, “they fought well in the first half and showed good performance, showing the potential of the Itsman rugby team. Looking forward to more in the future. I will work harder under the mission of being the first foreign player on the Thumman rugby team.”

Meanwhile, the Itman Rugby Team, which played the first match of the Korea Super Rugby League, is scheduled to play the second match of the tournament against Hyundai Glovis on April 1st.

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