OK Financial Group’s Lee Min-gyu, who finished before returning, “I’m sorry about the game result”


Setter Lee Min-gyu (OK Financial Group), who finished his military service as a social worker, returned to the V-League court. Lee Min-gyu had a comeback match against Hyundai Capital in the 2022-23 Dodram V-League held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium on the 1st.

Seok Jin-wook, head coach of OK Financial 메이저놀이터 Group, put Kwak Myung-woo in as the starting setter, but used Lee Min-gyu as a replacement card in the situation where he was drawn 19-21 in the first set. At this time, Lee Min-gyu entered the court and played until the end of the first set, and from the second set he came out as a set starter and digested the match.

After the game, I met Lee Min-gyu, who was preparing for a clean-up on the court. He said, “I am happy to play in the V-League again.” I said,” he said, expressing his feelings on returning to the court.

But I also feel regret. OK Financial Group lost to Hyundai Capital with a set score of 1-3 that day. Lee Min-gyu said, “It’s a pity that the results of the match weren’t good,” and “I think I need to work more closely with my teammates.”

At the same time, he added, “I got the knee surgery three months later than originally scheduled, but I regret it a little.” Director Seok told Lee Min-gyu that he should get surgery on his left knee, which was in poor condition, as soon as possible.

However, Lee Min-kyu initially chose rehabilitation instead of surgery. But he ended up on the operating table.

Lee Min-gyu added, “According to the director’s opinion, the surgery should have been done sooner.” You can’t turn back time. Post-surgery management is an important time, and the rehabilitation that has been pushed back has to speed up.

Coach Seok was satisfied with Lee Min-gyu’s play, regardless of the match results. In an official interview with the reporters who visited the site after the Hyundai Capital match, he said, “There was a change in the atmosphere with (Lee) Min-gyu’s input on the court.” It was because there was still not enough time to adjust,” he said.

Coach Seok said, “Still, seeing how he played, it was better than when he practiced. It gave me the belief that ‘I can play in the V-League with this much’.” It’s like we got our hands and feet together, but they went well together. I believe that the rhythm between Mingyu and Leo will match well in the future.”

OK Financial Group will play an away game against KB Insurance at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 4th. There is a good chance that Lee Min-kyu will come out on the court before Kwak Myung-woo in the match.

From the standpoint of coach Seok and the team, they are worried about losing three games in a row after losing against Hyundai Capital, but Lee Min-gyu’s contribution is reassuring. OK Financial Group has been able to afford the power of setters, including Lee Min-gyu, who has returned, Kwak Myung-woo and veteran Hwang Dong-il.

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