Park Seong-eun, the core of Dankook University’s electric power, “Am I a center or a guard haha”


“I don’t know if I’m a center or a guard (laughs).”

Dankook University defeated Gwangju University 58-55 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Women’s College away game held at the Gwangju University Gymnasium on the 3rd. Dankook University, who had won three games in a row at home, went on a four-game winning streak with the first win of the away game that day.

At the center of the game are Park Ji-soo (18 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, 3 3-point shots), Moon Ji-hyun (12 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, 4 3-point shots), and Oh Se-in (11 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals). It was not outstanding in scoring (8 points), but it was a victory that was possible thanks to Park Seong-eun, who saved a colleague with 13 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 steals.

Dankook University coach Baek Ji-eun said after the victory that day, “Park Ji-soo and Moon Ji-hyun are good at shooting, but Park Seong-eun has a strong point under the goal, so other players score. If there is no Seong-eun, other players will not score much,” he said. If Seong-eun puts a screen or does something, help defense should come. It is because if the ball goes in, it is a goal.”

Park Seong-eun said, “I am very fortunate. It was an away game, so the tension was relieved. Likewise, since Gwangju University was playing at home, we defended closely, but we got caught up in it. We also came to our senses at the end and barely won,” he looked back at the game.

Dankook University was ahead by 19 points at one time, but after being chased down to the bottom of the chin, they won a difficult victory. The reason for the pursuit was a mistake poured into the pressure defense of Gwangju University.

Park Sung-eun said, “In the beginning, there was no press, so I went over and played comfortably, dribbled and passed to the outside, cut-in, and there were a lot of things like that.” “We didn’t play very well because we were confused and crowded in one place.”

When Dankook University first faced the pressure defense, it broke through without any effort. However, mistakes increased as time went on.

Park Sung-eun said, “It seemed like we were tired. (Gwangju University) defended closely, so they were afraid of making mistakes, and they tended to be afraid of making mistakes when they got balls,” he said.

Park Sung-eun’s true value was in defense. If Gwangju University breaks through, it stands on its way.

Seongeun Park said, “We said that we should not give a 3-point shot because it was a home game for Gwangju University, not our home. If you stick close to the outskirts and defend, the next person will help. Gwangju University is good at breaking through and everyone is fast. I did a lot of rotation training to prepare for this,” he said. Today (3rd), the defense went well. (Gwangju University players) I was sorry that I kept falling. (Chung Chaeryeon tripped on the screen and fell down) I was surprised. Since I was walking (through the screen) from behind, I couldn’t see me and my talking was late, so I think I fell. I didn’t push at all.”

Before the match, Dankook University had a 33.0% 3-point shot success rate and an average of 7.8 shots. On this day, he also made 7 3-point shots (7/17, 41%). Park Sung-eun under the goal often creates 3-point shot opportunities.

Park Sung-eun said, “Shooting practice itself catches and throws passes that come from inside. He also said that it is easy for players to receive a pass from me.” “When a pass comes from me, the defense rushes (to the bottom of the goal), so there is a little more room (to shoot). So you can shoot comfortably. Also, if I give (a pass) from under the goal, I think I will catch a rebound, so I think I throw it comfortably.”

Thanks to that,먹튀검증 Park Sung-eun gets an assist. He was averaging 4.8 assists before the game, and delivered 9 assists that day as well.

Park Sung-eun laughed, saying, “I don’t know if I’m a center or a guard.”

Dankook University is running alone in second place, even though there was an evaluation that its power was lower than last year.

Seongeun Park said, “(Last year) there were 4 older sisters (Sujin Jo, Hyunseo Lee, Jisu Yoon, Ahjeong Choi), so I was reassured, and the flow went well without being disrupted.” it takes a long time Still, the skills of the players are improving, and the more they play, the better their skills are, so I’m not worried about that at all. Team play works better.”

Coach Ji-Eun Baek took office at the end of the college basketball league last year. It is the first time for Dankook University to have a season after fully preparing for winter training with coach Baek Ji-eun.

Park Sung-eun said, “The director is scary (laughs). It’s a joke, and he often tells us what each of our players can do and can improve, and he corrects each and every shot when he shoots, so the players also improve their skills.” I’m not telling people to do it, but because I can do it, they tell me to try it, so my skills are improving, and I’m learning a lot too.”

Dankook University has now played five games, which is only half of them. We have to play 5 more games.

Park Sung-eun said, “The rest of the game should not be shaken like this. When I see our players, I am not worried.”

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