Pereira’s first opponent at Raheweight was former champ Jan Vlakovic himself. Adesanya: “Jan will win”


Former middleweight champion Alex Pereira will face former light heavyweight champion Jan Vlakovic in his first light heavyweight fight. He is confident of winning at UFC 291 on July 30th.

Former light heavyweight champion Jan Blakovic (left) and Ferreira (Photo = UFC)

However, Israel Adesanya, who카지노사이트 regained the middleweight title by knocking him out in their fourth fight, predicted that ‘Jan will win easily’.

Adesanya was undefeated at middleweight before losing to Pereira. However, he challenged Yan’s light heavyweight division in 2021 and was defeated, his first defeat.

Adesanya said on his YouTube channel that he would ‘get over Ferreira and pin him down, just like Jan Vlakovic did when he took him down’.

Adesanya was hit by Yan’s wrestling 3 times at the time and was crushed on the ground.

Pereira, who defeated Adesanya three times, but announced his light heavyweight championship immediately after collapsing in the fourth final match, is showing his enthusiasm by saying he met a ‘good first opponent’.

“Jan is a dangerous player with a lot of experience. But he is the one who lost the title to my training coach Teixeira. We have a secret to defeating him.”

Pereira was confident of victory and was already looking forward to the next game. If he wins, he’s Zama Hal Hill’s title, and if his plan goes, he’ll become a two-weight division champion.

The oldest champion, Teixeira, who had strongly encouraged Ferreira to enter the light heavyweight division early on, is talking about Ferreira’s complete victory. He said that it was a conclusion based on his own experience.

Jan is a 40-year-old veteran. He is on a record of 1 win and 1 draw after losing the title to Teixeira. Ranked 3rd after Prohazka and Ankalaev, wrestling with brute strength is amazing. fitness is key

Meanwhile, the main game of UFC 291 is between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje, who are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the lightweight ranking.

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