President Yoon dismisses broadcasting chairman Han Sang-hyuk‥”Immediate legal response”


President Yoon Seok-yul has dismissed the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, Han Sang-hyuk, with two months left in his term메이저놀이터.

The reason given was that he is unable to fulfill his duties as the chairman of the broadcasting regulator as he has been sent to trial for allegedly modifying the scores for reauthorization.

Mr. Han has warned of a legal response.

Reporter Kim Min-chan reports.

◀ Report ▶

President Yoon Seok-yul dismissed the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, Han Sang-hyuk, this afternoon.

After the Ministry of Personnel and Innovation held a pre-dismissal hearing for Han on the 23rd, it sent a hearing report and opinion to the presidential office, and President Yoon acted without delay.

It’s a de facto reprimand.

It took less than a month for Han to be dismissed after he was indicted for illegally intervening in the reauthorization process.

The President’s office wrote down the reasons for Han’s dismissal in great detail and released them to the media.

Like a prosecutor’s indictment, it listed Han’s charges down to the letter of the law.

It claimed that he had committed a grave crime and was therefore incapable of performing his normal duties as chairman of the NOC.

An official from the presidential office also said, “The people elected President Yoon to run the country the way he wants, but he’s been wasting the past year because he’s been holding on.”

Han Sang-hyuk responded that he could not accept the dismissal and immediately filed for an executive order.

[Han Sang-hyuk/Korea Communications Commission]
“I think it is very unfair to dismiss me from office by applying the general rules of the National Civil Service Act based on the fact of criminal prosecution, which the court also judged to be sufficiently disputable.”

Appointed by the previous Moon Jae-in administration, Han’s initial term was to run until the end of July.

President Yoon is also expected to announce his nominee for the new MTSC chairman soon.

For now, Lee Dong-kwan, a former presidential press secretary, is the most talked-about candidate, but controversy is expected during the confirmation process.

I’m Kim Min-chan from MBC News.

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